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Goa is here…! Goan Food Festival at the Peninsular Kitchen brings authentic Goan food to Delhi!

We all know that as soon as Christmas and New Years are approaching, Goa becomes one of the hottest destinations in India. We all crave the crazy nights, dancing away, having fun with family and friends and most of all the amazing coastal food. But everytime its not possible to pack our bags and go to Goa, so how about satiating that craving for Goan Food right here in Delhi, yes its true. Peninsular Kitchen brings to you the Goan Food Festival from 9th to 23rd Dec where you can indulge in some amazing Goan preparations.

I was invited on the launch day of the festival to experience awesomeness, by Vickrham from Food Maniacs. It was a pleasant evening and a cozy ambience at the peninsular kitchen and my culinary journey began by trying out the very Goan Kokum Curry or Sol Kadi as it’s popularly called. It’s a natural digestive and serves as an excellent cooler for the stomach especially after the spicy Goan fish curries. It’s prepared with Kokum and Coconut Milk and spices like cumin and it was awesome. It reminded me of homemade Masala Lassi.

Sol Kadi

Next I tried some Rasam, after the cold and refreshing Sol Kadi, this was hot and spicy but equally tasteful.


For starters we tried Golden Fried Prawns, Butter Garlic Prawns, Chicken Cafreal, Cauliflower Cafreal, Butter Garlic Mushrooms, Fish Fingers and Prawn Rissoles from the Goan Menu. Golden Fried Prawns reminded me of the saying that somethings are best kept simple, this was one simple recipe and yet to tasteful. I loved it. The Butter Garlic Prawns went on to become my favourites and even the mushrooms in same preparation were drool worthy. A word of caution for the Cafreal preperations, they were hot and spicy. Especially the Cafreal Prawns and Cafreal Chicken was very spicy, it was coated with thick green chilies and coriander masala paste, undoubtedly delicious but definitely spicy. So if you can’t handle spices, give it a miss. Somehow the cauliflower and potatoes in the same masala tasted less spicy.

Golden Fried Prawns
Prawns Cafreal
Butter Garlic Mushrooms
Butter Garlic Prawns
Chicken Cafreal
Cafreal Vegetables
Prawn Rissoles

We also tried the Erachi Vada aka Mutton Vada and Fried Fish Koliwada from the regular menu. The Erachi Vada was completely new to me, I have never tried anything of the sort, a mutton cultlet made of minced meat along with dal, it was crispy yet tender. I really liked it and you must try this one. The Fish Koliwada was good too.

Erachi Vada

Moving on to the main course, we tried the awesome Pork Vindaloo, again thick gravy made with red chilies paste, spicy but delectable. Then there was the popular Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Xacuti, and Vegetable Xacuti and Cafreal Vegetables. I personally loved Vindaloo the most and its surely a must try. It tastes best with a Pav or Appams. The Fish Curry was delicious too, and served with Prawn Rice, it makes for a perfect combination. I also ordered for Chicken Ghee Roast, a very typical costal dish, fiery red, tangy and spicy with an unmistakable flavor of ghee-roasted spices, this authentic home-style chicken dish is not for the faint heart. Try it with Malabari Paranthas and thank me later, but do keep a glass of water ready with you.

Chicken Ghee Roast
Xucati Vegetables
Vegetable Vindaloo
Mushroom Curry
Fish Curry
Pork Vindaloo
Ghee Roast with Malabari Paranthas and Appam
Pork Vindaloo, Fish Curry and Prawn Rice

I loved the entire spread and at no cost one should miss it, so please make the most of it while the Goan Food Festival is there, and even after that keep visiting Peninsular Kitchen for their authentic coastal cuisine.

I brought my spicy culinary journey to an end with sweet caramel custard but I am already craving the spicy dishes as I write about them.


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Fusion Bistro- A true fusion of global cuisine!

With restaurants creating more confusion in the name of FUSION, its very hard to find a place which actually remains true to the word, but better late than never, I actually came across this wonderful restaurant that boasts of a fusion of cuisines under one roof rather than fusion of ingredients. Welcome to FUSION BISTRO, which is an amalgamation of cuisines from across the globe maintaining their authenticity in every way.


This place is loveable from the word GO, the moment you enter, and you fall in love with the ambience and simplicity of the place. Minimalistic, comfortable yet impactful décor, ample lighting and a huge space spread across 2 floors, is what makes this place different right from the start. These days we see an overload of theme decoration, concept restraunts, cluttered spaces and hence a lot of times the focus shifts from the most important thing FOOD to making the place stand out in terms of decoration only, but thankfully Fusion Bistro is truly different.





Now coming to the main thing Food, we started our culinary journey with Thailand and opted for Chicken Tom Kha Soup, it was a creamy coconut milk based soup spiced with ginger and lemon grass. Though I am not too fond of Thai, but I loved this one. To go along with the soup, we ordered Warm Chicken, Avocado and Fresh Leaves Salad and it was wonderful too. Loved the combination of chicken and avocado with garlic dressing and crunchy fresh leaves.



For drinks we tried Fruit Punch and Watermelon Lychee Punch and both of them were nice and refreshing.




Next on our table was Penne Pasta with Mixed Sauce and Marinated Stuffed Chicken Breast, a continental combination worth exploring. The pasta was just perfect and getting the tanginess of tomatoes along with creaminess of cheese was a culinary delight for me. The stuffed chicken with mushroom sauce and goat cheese along with mashed potatoes..mmm.. something I love completely. My mouth waters even while writing about it, it was yumminess overloaded. This is surely a must try.



Next we moved to trying some authentic oriental food and ordered Chicken in Soy Garlic Sauce and Chicken Hakka Noodles and I can say that they were easily the best hakka noodles I have eaten in a long time. The Chicken was delicious as well.


Settling for Indian in the last we ordered, Non Veg Kebab Platter, which comes with a generous serving of Dal Makhani and Raita as well, the Hyderabadi Biryani and Awadhi Chicken. The platter was simply amazing, it had chicken malai tikka, seekh kebab and fish tikka and all of them were succulent, tender and full of taste, and the dal was awesome too. I loved the way biryani was served covered with a hot tandoori roti; it just looked irresistible even though it was covered. After lifting the roti away, the biryani looked even more scrumptious and so it was. The flavours were perfect, it was served with a salan and raita and salan was the only thing which I didn’t quite like, rest everything was fabulous. Chicken Awadhi had rich gravy, which was similar to butter chicken in texture, but the taste was very distinct.







Now coming to my favourite part of the meal, desserts, they have a decent variety to choose from, but it’s my suggestion that they include some Indian Desserts in the menu and also more options of non-chocolaty desserts for those who don’t like chocolate much. Nevertheless I love chocolate, so for me it was good enough, we ordered a Tiramisu and Death by Chocolate. The tiramisu was extremely delicious and death by chocolate was true to its name, I can really die for it, it was so so so delicious. I loved it.




I overall had a lot of fun visiting this place and I highly recommend it, you must give it a shot and I am sure you will love it.

A special mention for the entire staff of Fusion Bistro, they were very friendly, warm and hospitable and knew their menu and recommendations very well. I also happened to meet Mr Arvind, owner of the place and he too came across as a very warm person.

I am definitely visiting them soon for another culinary journey and make sure you do it as well. Cheers !!

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Hyatt Place, Gurgaon Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with a Lavish Sunday Brunch..!

Brunches to me are celebration of food, you get to explore so many tastes, cuisines and flavours under one roof, and what would you call a brunch that was organised to mark completion of 2 years of a modern essential business hotel, double celebration! Yes, Hyatt Place, a modern business hotel, strategically located in Udyog Vihar, the heart of Gurgaon recently completed two years and a grand celebration took place with an exclusive buffet laid out at their Gallery Cafe. Hyatt Place in association with CrazeMag and Saddi Dilli, two very successful online publications, invited a selected few bloggers to be a part of this celebration, and I was privileged to be one amongst them. A sweet gesture of sending a personalised invite made me look forward to the event even more.


It was a warm Sunday afternoon and I headed to Hyatt Place with lots of excitement in my heart, I was looking forward to the lavish celebration brunch and also meeting fellow bloggers. A very warm welcome by the entire staff including the hotel General Manager, Ms. Maulina Gupta and Head Chef Gaurav started the event at the right note. While entering the gallery cafe, the dessert lay out caught my attention right away and I was already eyeing it. an array of cocktails and mocktails were being served and, a special Hoegaarden Beer counter was set. I tried the Mango Marry and this mango version on the likes of Virgin Marry was awesome. I really loved it. I also tried a orange mocktail and it too was made perfectly.




[easy-image-collage id=3541]

Chef Gaurav, briefly explained about the menu of the day, highlighting the fact that it has got something for everyone, even preferences of children were kept in mind while designing the menu. After this brief introduction and welcome address by Ms. Maulina Gupta, we were all set to explore this culinary journey.

There was a wide range of breads like French Baguette, Multigrain Loaf, Pitta Bread, Soft Rolls, Focaccia Breads, Puffs etc.to choose from along with a plethora of dips, Roasted Vegetable & Parmesan Dip, Marinated Olives, Mustard Vinaigrette, Flavoured Butter, to name a few.

[easy-image-collage id=3545]

Antipasto, which is an Italian word for ‘before the meal’, also had a lot of options to choose from, soups, salads, cold cuts and some traditional snacks were a part of this section. I tried Roasted Pear, Baby Spinach & Walnut Salad and it was amazing, I also tried Pineapple Carpaccio, Smoked Chicken with Arugula & Quinoa and Peppered Fish. There were other dishes like Squids, Khandvi, Dhokla etc as well and the spread had a wonderful balance for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For me it was a very satisfying experience, I loved each item, and now my expectations from the main course and live counters was raised very much.







Eggs to order and Pastas as per choice were being made tirelessly by the chefs at the live kitchen. For starters there was Murg Malai Tikka, Fish Fingers, Chilli Paneer and Corn & Cheese Poppers. Being a non-vegetarian I opted for Murg Malai Tikka and Fish Fingers, the tikka was melt in a mouth kind of an experience, the chicken was so tender and mildly spiced, and the marination made it very very delectable. The Fish Fingers were crispy outside and soft inside, just the way they should be.


My next halt was the TEX MEX Live Station, which was serving Burritos, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Nachos and Various type of salsa and refried beans. I tried the Chicken Quesadillas and they were out of this world, I could not resist a second helping and enjoyed every bite of it. I even propagated it to the fellow foodies.


The next Live Station was of Barbecue and Grill, and the sheer aromas of meats getting grilled pulled me to this counter. I opted for some Lamb Kibbeh and Paneer Shashlik, as my son who was accompanying me is very fond of Paneer.



This entire area where the Live Stations were placed was a gastronomic as well as a visual treat. The lawns with lots of greenery, cane furniture and wooden sheds made it an idle spot to sit back and enjoy tasteful meals. With approaching winters I am sure this place will be a favourite for many.






Coming to the main course, it had Indian, Asian and Western items. My tummy was filling, but I had no intentions to miss the main course and hence I tasted a bit from every cuisine. The Indian section consisted of Murgh Musallam, Paneer Laung Lata, Methi Chana, Aloo Gobhi, Mirch Baigan ka Salan, Dal Makhani and Mutton Biriyani.

I picked the Mutton Biryani and my son settled for Dal Makhani and Murg Mussalam. The Biryani was undoubtedly the best I have tasted in recent times, the mutton was tender and juicy, the spices perfect and loved the fried onions that topped it. I started by taking only a spoonful of it, but after tasting it, I had to help myself with a better serving. The Dal and Murg Mussalam as per my son were equally outstanding, he being a blogger and a foodie has become an expert in Dal Makhani over a period of time, and he generously and willingly gave it a 5/5.

[easy-image-collage id=3567]

[easy-image-collage id=3570]

The Asian Section had Vegetable Hakka Noodles, Seasonal Vegetable with Hot Garlic Sauce, Fish in Lemon Sauce and Chicken in Soya Ginger Sauce and I tried the Hakka Noodles with Fish and they were good too. By now I was already convinced with the quality of food at Hyatt Place, because I didn’t come across a single food item which was disappointing or below my expectations.

[easy-image-collage id=3577]

The Western Section had Poached Fish in Tomato and Saffron Broth, Bouquet Erie of Vegetable, Double Baked Potato and Roasted Chicken. I tried the roasted chicken and the double baked potato, the chicken was nice and juicy, the potato too had a perfect taste, just that the outer shell of potato was slightly hard making it little difficult to cut through.

[easy-image-collage id=3578]

Now coming to the best part of the brunch, the desserts, the spread was so beautiful and lavish that it was hard to choose on what to pick and what to leave.

But being a chocoholic, I am a little biased towards chocolate desserts and hence tried Chocolate Orange Dacquoise, it was dense and flavoursome, I quite liked it. The next I tried Burnt Chocolate Gateaux and I can again say that this was the best I have ever eaten, it was so moist and delicious that I ended up helping myself with two generous servings. There were drool worthy Indian Desserts as well, but I guess I gave my all to the Chocolate Gateaux but I am sure the other desserts would be as delectable as the ones I tried.








There was a special counter for kids which served interesting pan cakes, assorted cupcakes, chocolate dumplings and more.


Then there was a small cake cutting ceremony lead by Ms. Maulina Gupta and the entire Hyatt staff and it brought my pleasant day to an end.




The experience at Hyatt was soulfully satisfying in both culinary and overall way. I really look forward to visiting the place again sometime soon. Here is to the fond memories of the day..!


Enjoy your Sunday at Hyatt Place Gurgaon with SOCIAL SUNDAY BRUNCH at GALLERY CAFÉ where you choose from an elaborate buffet spread serving a wide selection of Indian, Asian and Western delicacies. Get spoilt for choice and select from an expansive range of salads, Antipasti, Live Counters and Desserts.Spend the day with us and we will make sure to make it a memorable one.

Hyatt Place Gurgaon Hosts SOCIAL SUNDAY

Timings: 12:00 Noon – 1600 Hours


INR 1199/- plus taxes per person for non-alcoholic

INR 1699/- plus taxes per person for the beer buffet

INR 1899/- plus taxes per person for unlimited IMFL


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Soda Bottle Opener Wala Launches New Menu…More Delectable Dishes to Relish..!!

We are all now aware of the authenticity of Parsi and Iranian Cafes that have been brought to Delhi by Soda Bottle Opener Wala and there would be hardly anyone who would have not tried their lip smacking food. But going forward, here people not just serve real tasty authentic food, but also keep experimenting with food and bring in new items to their menu to delight their customers even more.




I recently went to attend a bloggers meet for this newly launched menu of theirs at the Cyber Hub Outlet and it was a very pleasant visit indeed.

My culinary experience started with Adu Tedhu Baby Corn Fry, these thin slices of baby corn fried in a crispy batter, these were a real treat. Mostly I have eaten fried baby corns where in the full baby corn is fried, but in this case they have further sliced the baby corns like chips and then fried and hence the crispiness is far better. The green chutney dip and mayo dip that its served along with, are perfect companions to the fried baby corns and trust me you can’t keep your hands off this one.


I also had a warm chicken soup along with this, which too was perfect.


Next I tried Carnovire’s Bhel which was a bhel loaded with chunks of chicken and ham, which made it extremely interesting. It comes with both green chutney and saints that you can add as per your taste, mix it well and you are ready for a delectable food experience. This too is a must try.


Up next was Chicken Chilli Cheese Pav, which was scrumptious. I loved it, the pavs were so soft and buttery and the topping of chicken with loads of cheese was simply amazing. You cannot afford to miss this one.


Followed by this were the Boiled Egg Sandwiches, prepared in true Bombaiya style, they were amazing.


For the mains I tried Tarela Rainbow Trout and Bombaiya Chicken Biryani. The trout was out of this world, marinated with mixed spices, this was a real delight. This is definitely one of those things that will take me back to Soda Bottle Opener Wala, that too very soon. In contrast the biryani was mildly spiced but flavoursome.



There were Jumbo Prawns too, which I didn’t try, but they looked inviting enough for me to try them the next time.


For vegetarians, there was Paneer Sanju Baba with Malai Parantha and Khatu Meethu Pumpkin. They too looked delectable.




For drinks I settled for the Raspberry Soda, because thats been a favourite ever since I tried Soda Bottle Opener Wala the first time.


There was also a new soon to be launched cocktail that we got to try, BumSuckerWala which is mixed with vodka, frozen raspberry, and thyme and is an ode to this wonderful Parsi family from Karachi who made drinking Raspberry Soda popular there. It was refreshingly nice.


Coming to my most favourite part of the meal, desserts, there were 3 wonderful things that I tried. The Caramel Custard, White Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Cake and I loved all three of them. The white chocolate brownie was the most surprising, because of the simple reason that we are used to the dark chocolate brownies, so both the colour and taste were very different for this one.




To conclude, I had a wonderful experience at Soda Bottle Opener Wala as always, the new menu just made it worth while multi folds. So don’t waste time thinking, head straight to SBOW and I am sure you will have a great time. Bon Appetite !

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Hyatt regency, Delhi hosts a gala dinner for top 100 CEO’s of the country at the mansion!

Hyatt Regency Delhi feels highly elated to be the hospitality partner for one of its kind high profile lifestyle event – “The CEO Series 2016”. The India Edition of CEO featured Celebrity Chef & MasterChef Australia Judge Gary Mehigan who along with Executive Chef Hyatt Regency Delhi, Ivan Chieregatti curated exclusive seven course menu on the theme of “7 Wonders of the World” .Celebrity Chef Gary Mehigan was welcomed at the hotel in pure Indian traditional style with aarti, tikka and garlands


The grand event at The Mansion of Hyatt Regency, Delhi witnessed the presence of top executives of multinational billion dollar organizations such as The lavish menu has been inspired from the seven wonders of the world right from rich soft textured salmon with flavours of ceviche from Peru, Butter roasted cauliflower caramalized with spices from India, Brazilian Moqueca’ crustacean veloute,white chicken cooked in authentic Chinese sauces to Italian Concod’Oro’ Lemon curd & olive oil semi freddo,slow cooked lamb inspired from Middle East flavours and refreshing compressed watermelon from Jordon.

According to Mr. Aseem Kapoor, General Manager, Hyatt Regency,Delhi , “We are delighted to have Chef Gary Mehigan here who has conceptualised such an innovative and scrumptious menu for our esteemed guests. Such events enable social interactions outside of boardrooms and following our tradition we are dedicated to serving our guests at its best.”


About Chef Gary Mehigan

Gary Mehigan is an English Australian chef, restaurateur and a judge of the Network Ten seriesMasterChef Australia. In July 2015, Mehigan began a new TV series called ‘Far Flung withGary Mehigan’ where he traveled to various countries in Asia such as India, Vietnam, Laos,Hong Kong and South Korea to learn local cooking techniques and recipes, which he

uses as inspiration for a recipe he demonstrates at the end of each episode. Mehigan also co-hosts two shows on Australia’s Lifestyle Food Channel, Good Chef, Bad Chef,and Boy’s Weekend. Mehigan trained at The Connaught and Le Souffle in London before moving to Melbourne in 1991. He has headed the kitchen in some of Melbourne’smost prominent restaurants including Browns, Burnham Beeches Country House andHotel Sofitel before opening the award-winning Fenix in 2000. He currently co-ownsThe Boathouse restaurant, in Melbourne suburb Maribyrnong.

About Hyatt Regency Delhi

Hyatt Regency Delhi is a luxurious business hotel conveniently located in the city’s central business district, 20 minutes from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Situated on the outer ring road, the hotel is near embassies, government offices and corporate headquarters in Delhi and Gurgaon. All 507 rooms and suites are equipped with modern amenities and complimentary Internet up to 1.5 mbps and offer panoramic views of the city and landscaped gardens. Enjoy dining and entertainment at the hotel’s award-winning restaurants: Café; The China Kitchen; La Piazza; TK’s Oriental Grill; Polo Lounge and Sidewalk.

Relax and rejuvenate at Club Olympus Spa, which offers numerous treatments to soothe and relieve. Additional leisure facilities available in the hotel premises include a state-of-the-art fitness centre and an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel also offers more than 2,955 sq m (32,050 sq ft) of meeting space with a combination of function, form and technology.

For more information, please visit delhi.regency.hyatt.com

About Hyatt Regency hotels

Hyatt Hotels Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, is a leading global hospitality company with a proud heritage of making guests feels more than welcome. Thousands of members of the Hyatt family strive to make a difference in the lives of the guests they encounter every day by providing authentic hospitality. The Company’s subsidiaries manage, franchise, own and develop hotels and resorts under the Hyatt®, Park Hyatt®, Andaz®, Grand Hyatt®, Hyatt Regency®, Hyatt Place® and Hyatt HouseTM. Hyatt House is changing its brand identity from Hyatt Summerfield Suites®. Hyatt Residential Group, Inc., a Hyatt Hotels Corporation subsidiary, develops, operates, markets or licenses Hyatt ResidencesTM and Hyatt Residence ClubTM. As of June 30, 2012, the Company’s worldwide portfolio consisted of 492 properties in 45 countries.

For more information, please visit www.hyatt.com

Nawabi Andaaz at Pride Plaza Hotel, Aerocity

Nawabi Delicacies to relish, with some thumri in the background, comfortable ambience and company of great foodie friends is what comprised my day at Pride Plaza Hotel recently. Hosted by Pride Plaza and my dear friend Vickrham from Foodmaniacs, this was surely a day to remember.

Amouse Bouche, which had watermelon and some cream on top of a refreshing drink, was not just great to look and good to taste, but also was done in a personalized way making it way too special. My name was written with chocolate and it made one of the warmest welcomes I have received.


This was followed by yet another welcome drink and also champagne was opened marking the beginning of a great culinary experience.



For starters we were served a Vegetarian Kebab Platter first. The kebab platter included Rajma Ke Galouti, Kele Ke Gular Kebab, Makai Moti Ki Seekh, Mawa Mawe Ke Kebab and Hara Dalcha Kabab. I Loved the succulent Rajma Ke Galouti, they almost tasted like the non-vegetarian galouti kebabs and very very flavorsome. The second best were the Mawa Kebabs, really soft and mouth melting with mild flavors. The Kele Ke Gular Kebab and Hara Dalcha Kebab were good too, I didn’t like the Makai Moti Ki Seekh as much, but all in all it was a wonderful platter considering the fact I am a hardcore non-vegetarian.


The next up was Non Veg Kebab Platter, this included Galouti Kebab, Nukhti Kebab, Murg Ke Parchey, Murg Shami Kebab and Mahi Gilafi Seekh. Out of this platter I loved Nukhti Kebab and Murg Ke Parchey the most. The Nukhti Kebabs were pieces of mutton roasted to perfection and spiced with a thick masala. I could really be satisfied with one complete dish of nukhti kebabs with some roomali roti, aah bliss! I am craving for them as I write. The Murg Ke Parchey was also just amazing. Surprisingly the Rajma Ke Galouti tasted better than the original galouti, though I don’t mean that they were bad. They were good, but still the vegetarian version was softer and more tasteful. Murg Shami didn’t go too well with me; they weren’t as soft and tasty as I expected them to be. Mahi Gilafi Seekh was just about OK.




Coming to main course, it was an elaborate spread and comprised of some beautifully selected and curated dishes by Chef Sartaj Quereshi along with Exceutive Chef Shailendra Singh especially for this Nawabi Andaaz Food Festival. There was Moong Ghosht, Keema Kaleji, Murg Bemisal, Murg Koh-E-Awadh, Paneer Lavanglata, Bagiche Ki Sabziyan, Guncha-E-Keema Mutter, Moong Mughlai, Kofti Dum Biryani and Narangi Pulao. The entire spread was as awesome as their names and once again the surprise part was the vegetarian dishes being so great. Normally in Lucknawi Cuisines or Hyderabadi Cuisines we don’t expect the vegetarian to be so good, but commendable job but Chef Sartaj, that his vegetarian rocked as much as his non veg dishes. I will try and get the Chef to share one of his recipes for all my readers out there, soon.







The star dish was however the Moong Gosht. The moong dal itself never tasted so rich and creamy to me, we always associate creaminess and richness to Dal Makhani, but what a wonderful way to present this dal in this rich avatar and tender pieces of spiced mutton added another layer to the whole experience. This dish is definitely a must try and one should not miss it at any cost. Keema Kaleji and Murg Bemisal too were outstanding. A special mention for Bagiche Ki Sabziyan and Paneer Lavanglata, these are not to be missed as well, whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will simply love them.


Coming to the dessert, I can really challenge that you would have never eaten such a lethal combination of some many desserts in one go. This mother of a dessert had Kesari Gulab Ki Phirni, topped by Palak Ka Halwa, yet again topped by Gulukand aur Cheney Ki Jugalbandi (a sort of rasmalai), topped by Ilaichi Gulab Jamun and Dhudhi Ka Halwa. Just one word to describe it- Mindblowing! Somehow mine looked also very cute and resembled a small Ganesha.



I had a tremendous foodie experience and I really urge my readers to give it a shot, this place is definitely worth a visit. We also took a complete round of the property and its amazing, I am so wanting to visit their other restaurants and also may be a comfortable stay in one of their rooms.I thank Foodmaniacs and Pride Plaza Hotel for inviting me for this culinary delight, look forward to visit them again sometime soon. Fond memories with friends and great foodie experience is what I got after visiting this place!


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Lebanese Delights at Zerruco Kitchen & Bar

Zerruco at The Ashok Hotel,Chanajyapuri held a Lebanese food festival from the 7th sep to 14th sep and I have to say that by far it was the best Lebanese food I have eaten ever.

The impression that I carried about Lebanese food, and assumed the regular dishes to be served were all met with a surprise. There was nothing regular about the place. The dishes were 100% authentic and the menu featured the typical Lebanese dishes and not the regulars like Shwarmas and Harissa Chicken that we normally relate Lebanese food to. In fact their menu doesn’t comprise of these things at all. So don’t be shocked that walking in at this Lebanese joint and not getting a Shwarma.

The ambience of the place is another highlight, it has a very spacious sitting place with a well stocked bar. The decor is simple and attractive. They have an equally spacious sitting in the open also and it makes a perfect place for a relaxed chilled out time with family and friends.






The head chef is a young man by the name of Harsh Pathania and is very knowledgeable and competent.


We left ourselves in the hands of expert and he starter us with two salads, Syrian Salad with Lemon, Mint and Garlic and Tabbouleh Salad. Both the salads were amazing, but I personally found the Tabbouleh Salad better, not because the other was any less in taste, but because this one was little unusual. Both the salads were very satisfying overall.





For drinks, my dad who was accompanying me settled for a cocktail called Gentleman, which was a whisky based cocktail with Lemon Grass, Angostura and Maple Syrup, and I had Ronella, a mocktail with Apple, Orange, Cranberry and Fresh Fruit. Both the drinks were great.



The chef recommended the Signature Mezze Platter next, a chef’s special.

And was it special? You bet it was really really special.

The platter consisted of six different dips and an assortment of delicious kebabs which had chicken seekhs,mutton seekh,chicken tikka,fish tikka and prawns all beautifully done in a tandoor.

The high point of the platter was that each of the above kebabs was distinct in their flavours.

Each of the marinade was specially done for each item.

This was really one mouthwatering stuff, Kudos to the chef.

And to be honest if you have one platter between two you don’t really need anything else.

A very very satisfying platter.All the kebabs were juicy and succulent and each held its own intrinsic flavour.


Then we were treated to their Halloumi Pizza which was quite interesting in presentation but didn’t quite sit well with me. The design of the pizza didn’t let the filling to be spread across equally and it was only in the center of the pizza, so with most bites I could only taste the bread and not the filling. And also may be the lingering taste of kebabs was still there.



Hummus Bill Dajaj was served next, which was basically homemade hummus topped with sautéed chicken and pine nuts. I loved the presentation of this dish as much as the taste. The hummus was perfect and tasted quite well with the chicken, pine nuts added the extra crunch to the whole dish.


Thereafter we were served the main course consisting of Chicken Ablama a Lebanese curry chicken, which was again really very good. You rarely find gravies in the Lebanese cuisine but this was an exception and a really good one at that.

The other dish served was Dajajb Falora, a vegetarian curry which again was amazingly good. These both dishes were served with Vermicelli Rice and I have to say that this was one hell of a meal. So filling and so tasteful.





Last but in no way the least their desserts, they were simply awesome.

Baklava a sweet patty filled with nuts was out of this world as we’re the Malabia and Ummali.


Malabia is a dessert in which boiled milk is flavored with rose water and cardamom, thickened and then baked in a water bath. It was delicious. Ummali is also a milk based dessert where in a puff pastry is dipped in thick milk.



All in all a tremendous gastronomic experience.

Visit once and I am quite sure you will go back for more and specially when they are now coming up with Mashrabiya Nights where in you can relish the Lebanese Delicacies with Sizzling Belly, Tanura & Durbuka Dance under one roof.

Do not forget they have a well stocked bar and some interesting cocktails. I am thankful to Sourabh Chandna, the owner of the place for inviting me for this scrumptious meal.

Now its time for you to explore, so get up and going to Zerruco.

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