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The Ribbon Trap-Book Review


The Ribbon Trap is the first publication of its Author Shine Syamaladevi born in a small village in Kerala.Himself an avid reader and a daydreamer he got the opportunity to travel across the nation on various official appointments.


The journeys across fuel led his passion and resulted in this, his first book a true labour of love .
The Ribbon Trap is a poignant love story of Krishnaprem and Smita.
The author beautifully captures the undying love of both right from the very young age of school going mates.
The journey from childhood to adulthood is very beautifully sketched amidst an array of emotions.
The ever changing life has one constant,their unwavering love for each other.
No hesitancy or doubts creep into their love even when they are staying apart in different cities due to work related postings.
As they grow so does their love for each other.
Then as destiny would have it Smita is pulled into a game of deceit and murder.
Embroiled in the falsely implicated case she goes through living hell only on the unwavering strength of her love for Krishnaprem to whom she wants to return.
Krishnaprem is also with her and for her all through the horrendous turn of events in a backdrop of political intrigue,police brutality,and shockIng betrayal from certain very close individuals.
I again stress the beautiful and undying love for each other for me is the underlying strength of the story.
Well worth the read. Commendable first attempt.

Book Price: Rs 256/-

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Book Review- The Claim by Sanjay Bordia


The Claim is a very interesting and gripping story relating to an attempt to swindle an insurance company.
A claim of rupees ten crore is raised by a father on the accidental death of one of his twin sons.
The company in keeping with the prescribed norms and it’s own image needs to settle the claim in a reasonable span of time
The usual steps to corroborate the genuineness of the claim are put in process thereby bringing in the team of their best Mohan and his two assistants.
The huge amount of sum insured also needs thorough scrutiny. All relevant documents pertaining to the claim are gathered and studied.Certain early investigations create a doubt in the minds of the core team.
This forms the crux of the story.
Therein the author takes you through a roller coaster ride of thrill intrigue mystery and murder in a most rivetting way unfolding the plot slowly keeping you in it right to the end.
The author very cleverly juxtaposes the past and present scenario. Also intertwined are some very interesting sub plots.
A must read for all.Go for it.You will not put the book down till you finish it.

Rating: 3.5

Available on Amazon

Price: Rs 225/-

About the Author:

sanjay bordia

Sanjay is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and works in an Indian MNC.

Reading and writing held the top two positions on his hobby list.Sanjay lives in Mumbai with his wife and daughter.

He has won several awards in the writing competitions. Major among them are-

  • First Prize in incident writing contest of Honda Activa Scooter
  • First Prize in incident writing contest of Hindustan Unilever Limited
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