Day: July 2, 2016

Le Panga ends in tie, Delhi Dabang vs Puneri Phaltan end 27-27

What began with an air of exhilaration clouded with a nail biting tie-up as the match ended at 27-27 stalemate, but nothing can take away from watching the match live in stadium. The energy at stadium is so infectious that one can’t help, but just yell, cheer and shout out loud with a lot of fun!



Puneri Paltan commenced at a slower pace as the chased 0-5 and made a roaring come with Sonu Narwal’s raid point. Post that, they charged on the Delhi Dabanggs leading by two points. They pulled their lead by 4 points with 7mins left in the first half of the match.

Delhi Dabangs did try to chase the point making Paltan but at the end of the 1st half Paltans led the war by 14-10Selvamani of Dabang Delhi KC scored a raid point moving towreds levelling the score at 18-18 with an all-out. Chillar then restored Paltan’s lead by score two more points. But in 8 minutes Dabang Delhi inflicted an all-out, leading 22-20.Puneri Paltan’s Chhillar, however, made a critical impact in the last two minutes by scoring a raid and a tackle point, forcing a tie at 27-27.All in all Puneri Paltan yet remains at podium with 14 points.



Dabang Delhi KC and Puneri Paltan produced the first tie of the fourth season of Pro Kabaddi League as the match ended at 27-27 stalemate.Manjeet Chillar’s stunning last-second block steals a thrilling tie for Puneri Paltan against Dabang Delhi.(Source: PTI)In a cliffhanger of a game, Dabang Delhi KC and Puneri Paltan produced the first tie of the fourth season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi as the match ended at 27-27 stalemate on Tuesday.

In a see saw of a game which saw both sides exchange leads several times, it was Manjeet Chhillar who had an extremely quiet game in defence but came up with a crucial tackle in the last minute to tie the game.It was a relief for Puneri Paltan as they were staring at their second successive defeat.

Dabang Delhi KC would be disappointed as they squandered a great opportunity to record their first win of the season. Puneri Paltan remained at top of the league with 14 points while Dabang Delhi KC occupies the sixth place with three points in their tally.



Puneri Paltan began extremely slowly and they trailed 0-5. But they got their act together and made a comeback when Sonu Narwal scored a raid point. Puneri Paltan got their defensive act together to inflict an all out in the 12th minute and took a lead of two points. They extended their lead to four points with seven minutes left in the first half.Puneri Paltan led 14-10 at the end of the first half.

Selvamani scored another raid point at the start of the second half as Dabang Delhi KC began mounting their comeback. Puneri Paltan had several chances for a super tackle in the initial moments but failed to capitalize on it.Meraj Sheykh finally opened his account in the fifth minute of the second half with a quick raid point and followed it with a do-or-die raid as Dabang Delhi trailed by two points. Adake struggled in the second half offensively as he scored two points from 14 raids.

Delhi leveled the score at 18-18, however, with an all-out looming Chhillar scored two points to restore Puneri Paltan’s lead to two points. Dabang Delhi inflicted an all out with less than eight minutes to go and led 22-20. As both teams looked to close in on a victory, Puneri Paltan scored three points with a raid and tackle to lead 23-33 in the 14th minute of the second half.

Make most of this summer with ‘The Long Drink Festival’ at Social

Summers are very long in Delhi and the one can’t just avoid it, so as it’s famously said when life throws lemons at you, go ahead and make yourself a tequila. Similarly when you can’t avoid the summers, its best to make the most out of them. Social has just made the summers more enjoyable by launching a special drinks menu inspired by the Game of Thrones. Yes! You heard it right, Game of Thrones, which also means that these drinks are for the brave hearts 😉
For the brave and hearted, Social is introducing half a dozen long drinks that are equally competent in their own right! Served in Social’s signature LIIT cylinders, you now have a chance to tank up like a warrior at a Social near you.



If the heat has caught up with you already, then let me tell you, winter is coming, albeit in a glass longer than the span of actual winter in this city. If you’re one who always pays your debts, the Lion’s Tail is definitely going to fall short if you’ve not already had a couple. This tumultuous concoction with a hint of Elder Flower tonic spells out fierce.

Social - Lion's Tail - The Long Drink Festival 2016-2

As for the rebellious, Ours Is the Fury and so is a tall glass of aggression with a twist of Orange juice. I personally loved it, it was a real smooth drink with none of the tastes overpowering.


High Garden is definitely for those who love freshness in their drinks.


Social - High Garden - The Long Drink Festival 2016-3

Break free from all your inhibitions, as the Blood of the Dragon is here to ‘burn them all’ down with its intense flavour. The Sunspear on the other hand, is sure to leave you unbowed, unbent and unbroken by the end of the night…or maybe the other way around if you please.

Social - The Sunspear -The Long Drink Festival 2016-1 (1)

Social - Blood Of The Dragon - The Long Drink Festival 2016-3

If those spoilers weren’t enough to pique your interest, I don’t know what else could be. Oh wait! hold the door for a little game of Ice & Fire; it’s fair to say that one would know what tune you’d be humming once you’re done with your taste buds battling between the docility of Lavender and boldness of Jalapeno.



Next up is The White Walker – embrace the chill when you hear the name for there’s more to this drink than the naked eye can see. Valar Morghulis- this one is as fatal as it sounds, but I guess it goes without saying; all men must drink! ­


Food at social is never a problem and hence you have a variety of finger licking good food available to go along with your LIITs. I tried the beer battered fish, Jalapeño Cheese Fingers and a lot of other good stuff.





So don’t let the heat catch you and head straight to Social and enjoy these lethal Game of Thrones LIITs and feel the winters coming.


  • All Social Outlets(Hauz Khas Social, Def. Col Social, Odeon Social, Nehru Place Social)
  • Price: Rs 500/- & 900/- for LIIT cylinders and Rs 450/- for others
  • Festival Dates: 23rd June Onwards


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