Recipe Courtesy – Ankit Mangla, Executive Chef, Plaza Premium Lounge India   Pineapple Upside down Cupcakes INGREDIENTS Pineapple Slices, drained- 1 tin chopped Refined Flour- 250 gm Sugar- 250 gm Butter- 250 gm Baking Powder- 5 gm Salt- a pinch Eggs- 5 no. Vanilla Essence- 2 drops   METHOD Heat the oven upto 180 degree celsius and grease the muffin moulds In a large bowl, mix the cream sugar and butter at a slow speed with an electric mixer Add the eggs and mix it for another 2 minutes Add refined flour, baking powder, salt and vanilla essence to the mixture Put in the pineapplesRead More →

Healthy Easy to Make Winter Recipes   Pineapple Coconut Cashew Rice Ingredients                                                    Quantity Long grained rice                                      1 1/2 cups Crushed pineapple chunks                      1 (20 oz. Can) (In the form of pineapple juice) Unsweetened coconut milk                     1 (13.5 oz. Can) Sweetened coconut flakes                      3tsp. Thai red curry paste                                1 tsp. Garlic powder                                         1 tsp. Onion powder                                           1/2 tsp. Ground ginger                                         1/2 tsp. Salt                                                           1/2 tsp. Pepper                                                       1/8 tsp. For Garnish   Ingredients                                                    Quantity Lime juice                                                  3tsp. (According to taste) Salted roasted cashews                           1/2 cup Chopped cilantro                                     1/2 cup Freshly cracked salt and pepper Method Pour pineapple juice (collected from crushed pineapple) in a measuring cup. Add coconut milk inRead More →

Halloween Recipes These recipes are especially curated for us by Executive Chef Anil Dahiya, Bristol, Gurgaon Born to a royal Jaat family where men were not commonly allowed into the kitchen, Executive Chef Anil Dahiya broke the rule and entered the culinary world with great enthusiasm. He started his hospitality journey in 1996, when he got his Diploma in Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel Management , New Delhi. He began his career under their kitchen management scheme from the Oberoi hotels. He spent several years with the Oberoi hotels, followed by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), ITC and Lemon Tree Hotels. He is currentlyRead More →

Here we bring to you not one but two amazing recipes by Chef Guillaume Lejeune, Director of Pastry Studies, Academy of Pastry Arts, to make your weekend an amazing one. So now you know what you have to cook for the weekend.. here is goes Financier (Almond based travel cake) Ingredients Quantity (Gr) Butter 150 Egg whites 150 Icing sugar 165 Almond powder 85 Flour 50 Chocolate chip 50 Procedure: Cook the butter until golden color and nutty in flavour On the side, combine flour, almond powder and icing sugar Mix egg whites into the dry mixture Gently add in melted butter. Make sure the butter temperatureRead More →

While some whisky lovers will tell you that it is a drink that has been designed to be enjoyed on its own, there is no doubt that it makes some pretty fine cocktails as well. So, here we will have a quick look through some of the finest ones that you can enjoy. The beauty is that a lot of these are very simple to make as well, so if you are not an experienced mixologist, you are in luck! Photo Credit A lot of whisky cocktails involve a simple syrup. Essentially all you need to do is put equal parts water and white sugarRead More →

In our quest to find the perfect dessert, we always come up with the one thing we know we should avoid, sugar. Sugar turns into fat, which turns into extra digits on the weighing scale. And, yes that tasty cheesecake is sheer heaven on a plate, but all the sugar and carbs will weigh heavy on you in so many ways. The answer? The fat bomb! Now, the name might not sound like a weight-loss miracle, but they’ve been used as part of the very popular ketogenic diet, where you have no carbs but fill up on fat for weight loss, and the results haveRead More →

Enjoy this amazing recipe shared by Chef Anirudh Nautiyal from the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Garlic Tossed Spinach Filled Cottage Cheese Cannelloni Here is the list of ingredients and its quantity CANNELLONI Cottage cheese 100 gms Spinach (blanched) 100 gms Garlic 10 gms Onion 10 gms Nutmeg powder 01 gms Salt 05 gms Pepper 02 gms Olive oil 05 ml LENTIL SAUCE Yellow lentil 50 gms Onion 05 gms Garlic 05 gms Salt 02 gms Olive oil 02 ml   METHOD Keep lentil for cooking and make a fine puree later on Sauté onion and garlic in a pan. Add blanched and chopped spinach-season itRead More →

Who doesn’t love enjoying dumplings, so here is a beautiful recipe shared by Chef Anirudh Nautiyal from the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, so don’t just enjoy dumplings, but make them yourself and then enjoy to the fullest Ingredients and Measures Carrot 10 gms Beans 10 gms Broccoli 20 gms Cabbage 10 gms Spinach 50 gms Tofu 20 gms Salt 5 gms Sesame oil 05 ml Garlic 02 gms Light soy sauce 02 ml Ginger 05 gms Lemon 02 ml Honey 10 gms Spring onion 05 gms Whole wheat flour 100 gms METHOD Make dim sum dough by kneading whole wheat flour with water, add littleRead More →

To make your Thursdays more tasteful, we bring to you a mouth watering recipe by Chef Megha Kohli. Megha is a very talented chef and is responsible for all that finger licking good food that you eat at Lavaash by Saby. So get set, try out this recipe and do leave your comments and share pictures of your preparations once you make it.. Happy Feasting..!! PREP TIME- 15-20 mins AT 150 PORTION SIZE-12 SLICES, 150gms (ONE SLICE) SHELF LIFE-2-3 days INGREDIENTS- Cheesecake mix- CREAMCHEESE-950gms CREAM-200 gms VANILLA STICK-1 VANILLA ESSENCE-2-3 drops SUGAR-250gms For cheesecake base OREO COOKIE-2 packets BUTTER-50gms CHOCOLATE SHAVINGS-50gms+5gms (to put in theRead More →