‘Souza In The 40’s​’, An Art Extravaganza At Sunapranta, Goa

Art in its any form, literally draws me and pulls me to it. Creativity is something that I imbibe in myself and have a great appreciation for. Be it performing arts or static, I have huge respect for artists who vent out their innermost emotions through their art. I sometimes try to do that myself through my writing or my paintings and even through my cooking.

Although I don’t follow too many artists in particular when it comes to paintings, what I do like is doing researches on various categories like portraits, object paintings, nature, modern art, nudes etc. and then try and study nuances of each artist. Francis Newton Souza has been one artist whose work caught my attention on various occasions. Especially when I started living in Goa, I learned more about him and his work, since he was a Goan too. The way he depicted local Goan life through his art was really commendable. His bold use of colors like dark pink and orange in many of his paintings is something I greatly admire.

To see more of his work and learn more about his journey, right when he started, I visited the Sunapranta, Goa Centre For Arts, which has an on-going exhibition named “Souza In The ’40s”. The exhibition showcases not just the noteworthy artworks by Souza but also unveils his rawness by displaying his early sketches and drawings.

Souza’s Art

The subjects covered in the paintings of Francis Newton Souza comprise of still life, landscapes, nudes, icons of Christianity, local Goan life etc. One of his most recurring and celebrated themes was that of the conflicts in a man-woman relationship. The women who ascended his canvases were often bold and challenged the thought process of their observers. The figures that gave life to his paintings were deliberately distorted and revealed an uninhibited, realistic style.

Attitude and Early Life

Souza was a rebel and non-conformist, and his views reflected the style of his painting. Through his paintings, he often condemned and criticized the hypocrisy of the Church, the atrocities of the rich and the repression of sexuality in a country like India, which otherwise boasted of Khajuraho. At the same time, there was a visible influence of the folk art of Goa, the Renaissance paintings, landscapes of the 18th and 19th century Europe, etc.

His rebellious attitude had its seeds right from his school days. He was enrolled at St. Xavier’s High School in Bombay, and he was expelled for depicting nude images on the walls of boy’s restroom. Though he claimed that he was only correcting the already drawn images, he was expelled on the grounds of drawing pornographic images. He then attended the famous Sir J.J. School of Art in Bombay, and yet again expelled for taking part in the Quit India Movement.

Notable Work

Souza was not able to sell most of his work in India until after his death. In 1957, his painting ‘Man and Woman Laughing’ sold for a record price of Rs.16.84 crore at the Saffron art auction, held in New Delhi. At a Christie’s auction in 2008, his painting ‘Birth’ created a record for being the most expensive Indian art ever sold in an auction till date. The painting was sold for a whopping 2.5 million USD. When the same painting was resold at Christie’s in 2015, it fetched over 4 million USD.

About Sunapranta

Sunaparanta-Goa Centre for the Arts is a non-profit education based arts initiative of Dattaraj V. Salgaocar. The Centre is located in the beautiful Altinho hills of Panjim and offers spaces for exhibition galleries, workshop spaces, an open-air amphitheater and also a pretty and quaint little cafe called Al Fresco

The center takes lots of initiatives to promote and help emerging artists and also hold workshops for other enthusiasts to learn many different types of creative skills.

I had a great time witnessing artworks by such a renowned artist and thoroughly enjoyed the calm vibes of Sunapranta. Do keep a watch on all the events that the center holds and make the most of it.

Sunapranta Goa

Goa Centre For The Arts
63/C-8, Near Army House
Altinho, Panaji – 403 001.

Tel   :  +91 832 2421311

Email:  info@sgcfa.org

Things That Will Help You Have an Effective Workout Session

Exercising is one of the best ways you can attain total body fitness. We all have different aims when we work out. Some people do it with the primary goal of shedding off those extra pounds. There are those who do it to increase muscle mass. All of these will help you stay healthy. You will get rid of fat and other toxic substances that can cause illnesses in your body.

There are times you may not achieve the desired results from your workouts, and this may be because of various factors. One thing you should understand is that our bodies are different. There are those that respond fast to exercise while others are a bit slow. The other issue may also have something to do with the kind of workouts in your program.

You may be doing the wrong workouts which could be the reason why you are not getting the desired results. Identify your goals so that you can pick the right exercises for your workout regime. You should also make use of steroids or supplements that will help you experience quality gains fast.

The ingredients found in them can trigger a swift increase in muscle mass and also speed up weight loss. They are cheap and available in selected shops and online stores. Visit 120kgs for some of the best legal steroids. How you get into your workouts or conduct yourself during the process plays a significant role in determining the final outcome. Here are some things that can help you have a productive workout session. 

Warming Up

You should warm up before starting a day’s exercise. Doing so will help your body get into the working out mood. There are times you may get to the gym feeling a little bit sluggish or lazy. Warm up activities will help lift your mood and get your body ready. You can do some push-ups or light jogging. Do not use up too much of your energy when warming up.

Strength Training

Having strength training exercises in your schedule can also help you achieve quality results. You should set aside one or two days for this type of workout. Some of the benefits you will get from strength training workouts include fast muscle build up, burning excess fat and better bone density.

Workout Playlist

Music can keep you going through your workouts. It will help grow the energy in you which is vital when carrying out different types of exercise. You should settle for a music genre that will keep you charged. Create a playlist that can run all through your session.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions may mean you don’t achieve the results you need from your workout program. You will find yourself putting more focus on them instead of what took you to the gym. Phones are one major cause of distraction. Keep it in silent mode or switch it off. You should also look for training partners who are focused.

The 5 E’s To Consider When Upgrading Your New Business

When you’re running a new business on the block, trying to be heard over the competition can be a frustrating battle. You just don’t have the same brand recognition as some of the bigger players in the game, but that’s okay. Good things come in time. Still, in the business world, simply waiting for good things to come isn’t enough. If you’re not happy about the snail-like progress of your company then it’s time to do something about it. You have to be unique to stand out. These are the 5 E’s to consider when upgrading your new business.

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The first ‘E’ is efficiency. An efficient business is a successful business. If you can improve your use of both time and money then you’ll reduce overhead costs and boost profit margins. In turn, you’ll have more money to invest in your business, but we’ll discuss that more in the next point. You’ll also be able to reach a wider customer base if you improve productivity because you’ll have an increased daily output. Again, we’ll talk about expansion more in the next point. For now, let’s discuss ways in which to make your business more efficient. This will help to give your business stronger foundations as it starts to grow.


For starters, you might want to start automating certain operations in your business. No, this doesn’t mean you have to make workers redundant. In fact, we’re talking about making your workers more productive. If repetitive and time-consuming tasks are automated (e.g. admin work) then your employees will be able to focus their energy on the more technical aspects of their job roles. Additionally, you might want to look into time clocks to help keep track of work hours and ensure everybody is paid fairly. It’ll make your business more efficient because you’ll know that you’re never underpaying or overpaying employees. This will keep the team happy and protect your finances.



The expansion is essential to the evolution of your company and the growth of your reputation. If you want to upgrade your new business then you should keep thinking of ways to expand it. Now, you might not be able to achieve your biggest goals within the early days of opening your company. Growth has to be gradual if it’s going to be steady and long-lasting. But it’s about making investments that will bring in increased profits. For example, you might want to increase your product or service output so that you can meet the needs of a larger customer base. Instead of investing in several new employees, however, you might want to outsource certain services to meet the increased workload. It’ll help you to achieve the same level of expansion but cost you far less money than hiring some new full-time workers. If your business is going to really upgrade itself to the next level then you need to expand in time-effective and cost-effective ways. That’s the smart way to create a bigger presence in your respective marketplace.



The environment in which your employees’ work has such a big impact on their productivity. We’ve already talked about automating operations for efficiency, but another way to optimize business operations is to focus directly on the mindset of your workers. And this all starts by creating a nice workspace for your team. How do you feel when your home or your office is messy? Distracted? Uncomfortable? Well, think about how your entire workforce will feel if their work environment is cluttered or aesthetically unappealing. Improving the office is a worthwhile investment. Even simply repainting the walls with a white coat of paint to reflect light and brighten the work environment could make a big difference. You might want to put a ping pong table and some couches in the break room too. Give your employees a way to unwind.

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This is one of the biggest E’s to consider if you want to ensure that your business is successful in the long-term. Start thinking about customer expectations and the ways in which you can exceed them. That’s how you’ll upgrade your business. Your goal should be to solve problems before they even become problems. To clarify, you need to show your customers that no issue is too small or too insignificant. Most people will understand that mistakes are made in life – we’re all human, after all. But they won’t understand a business that fails to remedy the problem quickly and professionally. Invite customers to send in questions and complaints on social media. Have a team ready to respond to customers as soon as they contact you; that’ll show you care.


Exceeding expectations can go a long way to boost your business’ brand. In turn, you’ll gain a reputation as a caring and reliable company. You’re trying to build loyal relationships with your customers. That’s how you’ll start to build up a lasting client base. Obviously, you want to chase new leads, but you also want your existing customers to stick around. This is how your new business will grow into something impressive from small and humble beginnings. It’s all about the customers, at the end of the day.



Always reinvent the business plan. That should be the main piece of advice you’ve taken away from the points raised in this article. You might not have to change your end-goals but simply restate them. Repackaging a brand can sometimes be the best way to start turning heads in an industry once more. If you’ve been struggling to make an impact on the target market then it makes sense to try a new approach. Simply saying something in a different way can make a big difference. After all, if your competitors are successful then the problem might not be your products or services but the way in which you’re selling them. Hold onto your end-goals but keep finding new ways to reach them if you want to upgrade your business and take the next step up the entrepreneurial ladder.

Barbie initiates Project Udaan to enable girls live their dreams

In a bid to fulfill the dreams of young girls, Mattel India has joined hands with the NGO, Masoom, to launch ‘Project Udaan’. The project has come into the existence with an understanding that there are numerous girls who are locked by boundaries of social and economic status. While these girls have grown up admiring Barbie, Mattel believes every girl, like Barbie, has the right to be themselves i.e. smart, successful, ambitious, poised and confident. Project Udaan aims to give these girls the wings to fly with their dreams.

Project Udaan

Project Udaan is a comprehensive three-fold programme that focuses on leadership skills, feminine hygiene program, and vocational training basis participants’ interest mapping. It is a year-long program which will be actively volunteered by the ‘Barbie’ team, designed to equip over 100 girls aged between 14-18 years. The project is aimed to build confidence, self-expression and enable effective learning and development that can present the girls with a chance for a better life.


As a part of this initiative, Barbie created an exposure for young and enthusiastic kids of the city. The girls from Masoom were taken to KidZania where they could not only explore but live and experience 90+ role-playing activities. These little girls were shown that their dreams could fly free at KidZania through 90+ career opportunities. The trip enabled a roadmap, guiding these tiny feet towards a realistic and achievable goal to fulfill their dreams. It was also an eye-opener for many, as most of the activities showcased were unique and attractive for many of them, thus further enlightening their vision.

Brand Speak

Commenting on the initiative, Ishmeet Singh, Country Manager, Mattel India, said, “Every girl is talented and has the potential to reach for the stars. But where society tries to pull them down, Barbie supports them to help them to live their dreams.”


“Project Udaan has enabled us see the spark on so many faces and we are highly motivated by their overwhelming response.Through our initial activity at KidZania, children got a chance to experience the world of multiple career options. They cherished the life of becoming a Chef, an RJ, a Pilot, a Teacher, an Actor, and so on”, he added.


About Mattel

Mattel is a creations company that inspires the wonder of childhood. Our mission is to be the recognized leader in play, learning, and development worldwide. Mattel’s portfolio of global consumer brands includes American Girl®, Barbie®, Fisher-Price®, Hot Wheels®, Monster High®, and Thomas & Friends®, among many others. Mattel also creates a wealth of lines and products made in collaboration with leading entertainment and technology companies. With a global workforce of approximately 31,000 people, Mattel operates in 40 countries and territories and sells products in more than 150 nations. Visit us online at www.mattel.com.


Preparing Your Nearly-Grown Child For Life Success

Many parents have a skewed understanding of what it takes to be a success in life, especially if they came into adulthood in the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Back then, jobs were plentiful and secure, housing was affordable, and there were less “global issues” to think about. There’s a reason why many teenagers are suffering from mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. If you have a child who will soon be in adulthood, then one of the best things you can do for them is to prepare them real-world success. We take a look at a number of ways you can do this below.

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Stop Babying Them


In the olden days, children were the employees of their parents. Now, they’re the bosses. However, it’s just a fact of life that out there in the real world, there are no bosses, and if there are, it’s unlikely to be your son or daughter. As such, it’s a good idea to prepare them for life by nudging them towards adulthood in your own way. You can give them more responsibilities, and make sure they’re accountable for their actions. It’s what they’ll have to face when they’re out there trying to make it. There won’t be anyone to clean up after them when they’re living on their own.


Put Away Funds


As we said at the beginning of the article, it’s not easy for young people out there. There aren’t that many jobs, and for the ones that are, competition can be fierce. People are often forced into taking unpaid internships if they want to have any hope of making it in the most desirable industries. To ensure your child doesn’t need to turn down these opportunities due to money issues, look at putting a little bit of cash away each month. If the time comes when they need to take an internship – or pursue another option that requires startup cash – then you’ll be on hand to help them out. It’s not a gift though; they can pay you back when they finally land that job.


Setting Them Up


Many young people have to deal with debt, be it because of education or the high cost of living. As such, many young aren’t thriving and being the best version of themselves: they’re just trying to get by. And that means that the basics of life, such as property or a case, can be impossible to come by. Here’s where you come in. Consider buying a piece of real estate, and letting your child live there rent-free (or they can pay a discounted rent). If you have a car that you were thinking of replacing, hand the keys down to your son or daughter when you buy your new vehicle. Both of these will make a dramatic difference to your child’s life and will have a minimal impact on your own. You were going to buy a new car anyway, and the property will still be in your name and part of your financial portfolio.


Handling Finances


The most common grievance people have about school is that they learned a lot about useless topics, and not enough about the things that really matter, such as how to handle finances. But schools can’t be responsible for everything. As such, look at filling in the blanks, and educating your child about the best approach to money. It’s much easier to avoid debt altogether rather than try to get out of later on down the line. Learning good practices as early as possible will set them up for a financially healthy life.


Set Expectations


There’s no such thing as a self-driven person. Those entrepreneurs who pushed through their dreams weren’t self-driven; they were simply responding to the expectations that were set for them. Humans have a phenomenal capacity, every single one of us, but sometimes we need to be nudged in the right direction to reach our full potential. If you maintain high standards in your personal life and let your child know what you expect of them, then you’ll be setting a bar for them to reach. The people who are a success often look back at the discipline and atmosphere of hard work in their family as the reason why they were successful.


…But No Pressure


It’s worth remembering, however, that there’s a fine line between expectations and pressure. Expectations reflect a standard of output (as in “if you’re going to do something, do it well”). Pressure pushes people into doing something that they don’t really want to do. Your son or daughter will be more likely to be successful (also happier) if they feel the freedom to go in any direction they want (within reason, of course). We’re all different, including your child, so let them find their own path.


Helping with the Career


Because competition is so fierce for jobs, it usually takes more than just a cover letter and resumes to land a position. Indeed, somewhere in the region of 80% of jobs aren’t even advertised. When your child is just reaching adulthood, they won’t have any of the contacts that can help grease the wheels when it comes to finding employment. But you might. Talk to your friends, colleagues, and so on to see if anybody knows of a job that’s available. You’d be surprised just how many jobs are filled this way.


Dealing with Setbacks


Life isn’t easy, no matter what circumstances we’re in. Even if everything seems like it’s going swimmingly, it can all become undone pretty quickly! It’s not what happens to us that matters, however, but how we respond. Teach your children the art of resilience and overcoming setbacks. It’ll be one of the best tools in their arsenal as they navigate their way through life.


Be Open


Finally, remember to be open. If they feel like they can talk with you about what’s going on in their life, you’ll be providing a mightily useful service in their life. Just because they’re an adult, you’re still their parent!



4 Signs Your Home Needs Urgent Roof Repair

Simply because it’s hard to reach and inspect on a regular basis, the roof of a home tends to be neglected even by the most observant homeowners. No part of a home’s exterior suffers as much damage from changing weather as does the roof, for it is constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, wind, snow, hail, bird droppings and so on.

Over time, your home’s roof loses structural strength and needs regular repair and maintenance to preserve its longevity and reverse damage from the elements.

To keep your roofing in top shape, be proactive and check regularly for the following signs of deterioration.

Your roof has started to sag at some places

If your roof is sagging, it is a tell-tale sign of impending trouble. A roof would usually sag because it has turned old and weak and has suffered continuous damage over time. Poor installation is also a common cause of sagging and faulty alignment.

Ideally, regular upkeep and repair would help you avoid reaching such a situation. However, if for some reason you have not been able to care for your roof(for instance, if you live in a different location or if your home suffered unprecedented damage from a natural event), take a slumping roof as a warning sign that it could collapse any time if not repaired or replaced urgently.

The shingles on your roof are falling apart

Remember that even a couple of loose, broken or damaged shingles should be enough to consider a professional roof inspection followed by necessary repairs. Loose or missing shingles is an indication that your roof is not as robust and strong as before. This could be due to aging or damage from hail or dust storm.

Similarly, if you notice cracks (caused by excessive dryness) or blisters (caused by excessive moisture) on the shingles or find some of them curled, it is time to consider getting a professional opinion on whether you should have your roof repaired or replaced.

Rainwater is leaking into your home

Leakage is the most obvious sign that there are cracks in your roof or in its supporting elements such as the flashing or the underlayment. While inspecting for leakage, don’t forget to check the attic and hard-to-reach areas around the house.

Faulty ventilation, broken flashing or sealing, and aged shingles can all cause water to leak through the cracks and damage your possessions. To preserve your roof in time and avoid costly repairs and replacement, get a free roof inspection by a local Boise roofing expert.

Your power bills have shot up

One of the common causes of high electricity bills is damaged, poorly maintained roofing. Damage to any of the components of a roofing system can cause cool or warm air to escape your home, causing your HVAC to work harder. If you’re wondering why your energy bills have shot up in the recent past, have your roof and ventilation checked for deterioration by a licensed roof technician.





Are These The Security Gadgets Of The Future?

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Security technology has come a long way since padlocks and safes. Recently, a number of gadgets have been developed that have revolutionized the security industry. Here are just a few pieces of security tech that could help to safeguard us in the future. 

Facial recognition technology

Facial recognition technology is already being implemented in our mobile phones as an alternative to using a password. It’s thought that this technology could eventually replace all passwords – already banks are using it to help customers access online banking. This technology can also be used to check people against ID to ensure that they are who they say they are making it a good screening method for businesses. Companies such as https://www.jumio.com/trusted-identity/netverify/ can help you implement this technology if you currently run a business. This could help you to keep out frauds and prevent a data breach.

Smart locks

It’s possible to do away with a regular lock and house key and instead introduce a smart lock. This could allow you to open the lock using your phone. This could be used in conjunction with fingerprint scanning or facial recognition technology so that if a thief gets hold of your phone, they cannot enter. It could also allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely – this could be useful for unlocking and opening a garage door when in your car. It’s worth reading online reviews such as this onehttps://uk.pcmag.com/august-smart-lock-homekit-enabled/ in order to find the best smart lock for your needs and budget.

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Drone security guards

Drones are more than a toy – these flying machines have found all manner of purposes from DIY aerial photography to monitoring crops. More recently, they’ve also found use as remote flying security guards. Drones can record footage and scan the perimeter of a building or event more easily and more quickly than a human. Human personnel can then be deployed if a breach is detected (some security companies have gone so far as to fit speakers to drones so that they can alert the criminal in the act!).

Motion sensing CCTV

CCTV can sometimes be a big cost for businesses due to the amount of footage that needs to be stored. Motion sensing CCTV records only when motion is detected so that there isn’t a ton of wasted footage showing nothing. This can be combined with motion sensing lights. These cameras can be found at sites such as https://www.spycameracctv.com/spy/spy-cameras/portable-hidden-spy-cameras/motion-detection-spy-cameras/.

Heartbeat-scanning wristbands

Similar to facial recognition technology, heartbeat-scanning technology is thought to be another future replacement of passwords. By simply wearing a bracelet around your arm that scans your heartbeat, you could use this technology as a unique form of identification. This could be used to gain access to companies or as a form access control for festivals and events.


Increase Your Chances In The Dating World

If you are keen to get back on dating again, you might well also find yourself a little overwhelmed by the whole prospect. If you have been single for a long time, it might be that you feel you have forgotten the rules or what you need to do, or just that you don’t feel sure as to what is going to happen. Regardless of how you feel, there are many things you can do to increase your chances when you get back into dating, and which can also ensure that you enjoy the process all the more as well. In this article, we are going to look at just some of the things you can do to make sure that you drastically increase your chances of success when you go dating.

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Be Real


One of the worst crimes you can commit here is to pretend to be something that you are not. Although we are all guilty of this sometimes, it is a good idea to try and keep it down to a minimum. If you fail to do this, it will only mean that you are going to struggle with dating, as people will generally sense when you are approaching them with anything other than absolute honesty and integrity. If you feel that it is hard or even frightening to be yourself and be real, you might want to look into why that should be. You should find that there is some underlying reason which has caused you to feel that way, and uprooting that in particular will help you to be more real when you are engaging with other people.



Use Networks


One of the best ways to ensure that you are going to have much more luck in dating is if you try and find and use networks designed for exactly that. Using these networks will ensure that you can find the kind of people you are likely to want to be with, and that is something which can be particularly useful if you worry about struggling with the dating scene. You might even want to consider using specialized services which match up with your own beliefs or lifestyle – whether that is Muslim dating, age-based dating, or whatever else might be relevant to you. This is a great way to use these networks more effectively.


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It’s a good idea to try and bring as much logic to the process of dating as possible if you are going to be able to succeed. The truth is that the majority of people do not match up with the majority of people, so it makes sense mathematically that you should find it a challenge to find someone right for you, or at least that it will take some time. It is important to allow yourself to persist, as it is only in your persistence that you will really be able to ensure you see the results you are looking for.


The worst traits about your zodiac sign

A lot can be said about your personality based on your zodiac sign. Your sun sign will have an effect on you in everything right from your behavior to the people you are compatible with, your worries and your traits that set you apart from the rest. However, every sun sign has two sides and while you might have some of the best traits, there will also be the worst traits of your sign because it will make a difference in your life. You need to be aware of both, the best and the worst that your sign can be.


Everyone loves to hear about their personal traits and behavior. However, not everyone is happy about hearing the worst things about their signs. When you know what makes you difficult to handle, you can work on the same and improve yourself. Nobody is perfect, we all have scope for improvement and based on your sun sign, there is good and there is bad, you can find yours here.


Worst traits about the zodiac sign


Aries: Very impatient


While there are numerous positive things about an Aries, its worst trait is their impatience. When you want something, you want it immediately. It is not necessarily a bad thing but it can be offending if you are not considerate about the ones around you. You are impatient and this could be dismissive. It could annoy others and they might find it difficult to work with you.


Taurus: You stick to traditional ways


The second sign, Taurus has a bad quality of sticking to their old ways. You are very stubborn and it could be frustrating at times. You are not flexible and like to be too stuck in their ways.


Gemini: Cannot keep a secret


Known for being super chatty, Geminis find it very difficult to keep a secret. You are undoubtedly a good communicator and you like to talk but you are not very good at keeping secrets. Also, you can have a wandering eye when it comes to friendships and relationships.


Cancer: Super moody


This sign broods a lot and people find it hard to predict which of your moods will dictate your behavior on a given day. Cancer individuals are highly sensitive and they are always in tune with their emotions. You also have a tendency of hovering over family and friends, whether they like it or not.


Leo: Attention seekers


Leos are always craving for attention. If the spotlight is not on you, you act up by withholding the affection from the ones you love. A lot of people do not recognize you as a royal being you know yourself to be.


Virgo: Perfectionist


Virgos are really hard working and they always strive for perfection. This is not a bad trait but it becomes difficult for others to work with you. You also have a tendency of being super picky and you do not see the minor imperfections. Nothing can be perfect and it is hard for you to believe the same. You also worry more than you need to and this could have an impact on your health.


Libra: Indecisive


You always weigh your decisions carefully. It is a good thing to do so but many people find you very indecisive. A lot of people tend to get impatient with the way you weigh all the options and look at both the sides and then change your mind. Sometimes when you make a decision, you stick to it but it is not always a practical choice either.


Scorpio: Hard to get to know


A lot of people are drawn to your super nature but your need for privacy comes out as secrecy. You also desire to be the best of everything and this can lead to nastiness at times. People find it difficult to get to know you.


Sagittarius: Super Flighty


Sagittarius craves adventure at all times. It is a great trait but it can also make you restless on most days. You need to focus on staying in one place instead of being overly curious and restless.


Capricorn: Over practical


Your sign is known for being very practical and grounded. This makes you a party pooper at times. Your approach to everything is very practical and sometimes it is alright to sit back and let someone else be the boss.


Aquarius: Your views and your opinions


You will do anything to be the difference and people appreciate it but it also leads to tension. Sometimes you get in the way of other people’s needs and this could bring you trouble. You also have very strong political views because of which others find it hard to work with you. You also find it harder to accept that others can have their views as well.


Pisces: You are in a world of your own


A Pisces has their head in the sky most of the time. Your friends and family would wish that you spend at least some of your time with your feet on the ground. You are in a world of your own and have the tendency to be a dreamer. People are not happy making every decision for you and they wish you were a little practical.


You need to remember that each one of us has bad and good traits and if we work on them, we can change the way people see us. What we do with the good and bad will really matter. Living in denial is not a good idea at all, you should accept the good with the bad and work on both. Consider it as an opportunity to develop your personality and try to become a better person. Every trait can help you in your personal and professional life if you work on it in the right manner. Never consider it as a negative aspect of your life and accept it the way it is. You are unique in every manner and you have the power to change yourself for the better.



What to Do If You’re Facing Unemployment as an Expat: 4 Important Tips

There’s no two ways about it: losing your job is tough.

And for expats, facing unemployment can be particularly devastating.


While you shouldn’t have to needlessly stress out over “what-if” situations, expats should have some sort of plan in case their job suddenly falls through.

But what happens if you don’t have a padded emergency fund? What if your gig that you thought was a “sure thing” has suddenly fallen through?

If you suspect that you might soon lose your job or know that the clock is ticking on your current situation, you can’t afford to take such news lightly. Instead, you need to get your mind right and start plotting your next move ASAP.

Consider the following four tips first and foremost if unemployment appears to be looming and you don’t want your expat journey to come to a sudden end.

Cut Down on Discretionary Spending


Adopting frugal habits and staying thrifty when you’re jobless or on the chopping block flat out makes sense.

Whether it’s selling odds and ends online or cutting back on entertainment, anything you can do to keep more money in your pocket is fair game. Likewise, consider how you can spend less on essential expenditures such as remittance with the help of services such as Remitly. In your current situation, adopting an “every penny counts” mentality is a brilliant move.


Don’t Panic


Your gut reaction to losing your job might be to go into a full-blown panic mode, but that doesn’t do you any favors. Neither does assuming you need to pack your things and catch the next plane back home. Instead, take a step back.

Take a look at your savings account and overall financial situation, assessing how long you have before you’re in a legitimate financial crunch. If you have a few weeks of time in the proverbial bank, you may very well be able to nail something down in the nick of time or seek some quick financial relief from friends and family. In short, you might need little more than a hold-over.


Begin Your Job Search Under the Radar


For those who suspect their current role is coming to an end but aren’t 100%, it never hurts to start looking at opportunities now so you’re not kicking yourself when your paychecks stop coming. There are plenty of reputable international job boards in addition to sites like LinkedIn where you can jumpstart your job search.


As a side note, be wary of speaking too much to coworkers about your desire for a new job. You could put yourself in needless hot water by announcing that you’re looking for a new gig prematurely. That said, talking to people outside of your office is fair game as in-person networking still remains such an effective way to find a new job.


Make Sure You’re Not in Legal Trouble


Of course, if you have an employment-based immigrant visa, your employment status may have instant implications on your ability to stay in the country. In this case, you may have no choice but to depart. Don’t assume you’re in this situation and, as always, speaking to a lawyer is probably your best bet for peace of mind.


Simply put, locking down steady employment should be your top priority as an expat. If you suspect that yours might be coming to an end soon, make sure you keep these pointers in mind as you focus your energy on getting back to work.



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