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Rang in Christmas with a Lavish Buffet at Pavilion 75, Welcome Hotel, Dwarka

A foggy winter afternoon, day of Christmas and the whole family gets to enjoy a lavish buffet at Pavilion 75, Welcome Hotel, Dwarka, what more can one ask for?

For me it was simply splendid. The Christmas vibes welcomed us right at the entrance, a big Christmas Tree at the Lobby, followed by a warm greeting by Santa Claus who led us to the restaurant, Live Singing of Christmas Carols, celebrations were in the air.

As soon as I entered the restaurant my mind was blown away, there were more than 50-60 dishes showcased as a lavish spread and all of them looked worth drooling. My mouth started watering while I was capturing these delicacies on my camera and the wait from the buffet to the dishes coming on my plate to then my mouth seemed endless.

The head chef was generous enough to send us a selection of dishes on our table just as we settled. Grilled Prawns, A Veg Kebab Platter and Grilled Fish were the first things served to us. The prawns were mind blowingly delicious, I simply loved them. They were perfectly spiced and grilled. The Veg Kebab Platter was great too, I found the Moong Dal Galauti best out of the lot. It was a mouth melting experience and the taste still lingers on. The way fish was presented in a fish shaped terracotta dish, added a whole lot to the overall experience. The fish just didn’t look good but tasted awesome too.

There were enough choices in the menu for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Grilled items like Tikkas and Kebabs, a Decent Continental Menu, A Live Shawarma Counter, an Elaborate Spread of Main Course Indian dishes and an even Elaborate Spread of Desserts is what comprised of this lavish buffet.

I tried the Shawarma which was good, from the main course I loved the Rahra Chicken, Mutton Keema, Gosht Biryani and Pista Chicken. Their Dal Makhani was simply awesome.

Desserts left me confused and I really could not make up my mind on what to eat and what to leave, so ended up trying a little bit of most of the items. The Rasgulla, Gulab Jamuns, Cakes, Ras Malai, Rabdi & Jalebi and everything was just amazing. I wish I had some more space in my stomach and I could have tried whatever was left.

Overall the experience was mind blowing, the staff is very hospitable and attentive and I can vouch for their buffets, you shouldn’t miss them at all. They had some activities planned for children as well and my son tried his hand at pottery. It was really a fun day spent enjoying good food, music, drinks and activities.


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An Eggciting Feast @AndaMental

It was a wintery Friday evening and the whole city was prepping up for the much awaited festivity of New Year. From 5star properties to fine dines; the restaurants’ menu was all adorned with lip-smacking recipes of the festive season. There was an excitement in the air and it was on my cards to make the most with an egg-citing opportunity that came my way. I was invited to review a one-of-its-kind joint – Andamental where they served egg-srtavagant recipes of eggs.

Since early 20s when Mumbai was Bombay, Egg Omlette with bread (Anda Pav) or bread with scrambled eggs (Bhurji pav) or egg curry (Anda Curry) were the prominent crowd pullers and are still a best substitute to satisfy the hunger pangs. But with the arrival of Andamental, egg recipes have amp-up their taste.

Street Style Tawa Bhurji
Paneer Lababdar curry
AndaMental Biryani

Andamental is a place for all the eggetarians who savor the rich source of proteins and wait to relish egg recipes. Looking at its tempting menu, I was quite confused on what to try first, but what took my attention was Andamental Maggie.

Andamental Maggie – The Spicy Gravilious Maggie layered with fried egg and garnished with cheese and coriander was just too good.

After having a chat with the manager, she confirmed that the one I chose is an all time favorite of Andheriites. The next in line was Veg Mental Biryani which ensured that I conclude the tasting session smacking my lips.

Along with basic stuff like – bhurji, biryani, omlette, Andamental has pioneered in some egginnovations which are worth a try.

AndaMental Maggie

Apart from recipes of egg, there are some scrumptious veggie delights which the vegetarians may like to savour. And I suggest must visit for a brunch, lunch or dinner.


It’s a small joint which can accommodate around eight to ten people. There is neither reservation nor valet parking but the staff is welcoming and the recipes of this joint are simply egg-citing!


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Sunday Dimsum Brunch at Chi Asian Cookhouse

If you are looking at spending some leisure time relaxing, sipping your favourite drink and eating a hearty meal, the Sunday Dimsum Brunch at Chi Asian Cookhouse is more than perfect for you and here are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss it

  1. You get to eat 9 varieties of dimsums and that too unlimited, isn’t this alone a good enough reason. Well for me it definitely is and that too when each one of the dimsums is so amazing.
  2. Not just dimsums but you get to enjoy a soup, and main course dishes comprising of gravies and rice & noodles, along with desserts and a cocktail/mocktail/wine of your choice from the pre-decided menu. Not just this, the menu will keep changing every month which gives you a chance to indulge in more varieties of the food.
  3. The ambience is cool, warm, vibrant and totally relaxed, which makes it even more perfect for a Sunday afternoon.
  4. The staff is friendly and hospitable and they make sure they look into all your needs. The service is very satisfactory, you won’t have to wait too long for your orders.
  5. Its very reasonably priced. You get a lavish dim sum brunch with 9 varieties of dimsums, a soup, main course, dessert and a drink for Rs 1295AI

Now coming to my experience of food, I simply loved it. Siu Mai Chicken, Spicy Chicken Dumpling, Chicken & Coriander Dumpling, Banana Leaf & Sticky Rice Minced Chicken & Fish Tausi, made for the non-veg variety. The chicken dumplings were more than perfect, I personally loved the Siu Mai Chicken the most. The Banana Leaf Sticky Rice Minced Chicken was simply out of this world, somewhat like a Sushi, yet very different in taste and presentation. This one is highly recommended because one doesn’t get to eat this variety of dims normally. And now coming to the star dish, it was the Fish Tausi, I have no words to explain this one, all I can say is don’t miss it any cost, its totally worth it. Tender pieces of fish topped with black bean sauce and aah my mouth waters while writing about it. The vegetarian dimsums were no less, Spinach & Mushroom Dumpling, Spicy Veg Dumpling, Hargao and Siu Mai. Out of these I loved the Spinach & Mushroom and Spicy Veg Dumplings.

To go along with my dimsums, I ordered a Chicken Manchow Soup, which too was amazing. For drinks I tried the Water Melon Cooler, Virgin Mary, Virgin Mojito and Tokyo Cobbler. While the drinks were good, the most surprising one for me was the Tokyo Cobbler because it was the first time ever when I enjoyed a rose flavoured drink. Most of the times rose drinks are too sweet and overpowering, but this one was extremely refreshing.

Coming to mains, I loved the fact that it didn’t  include too many choices, because after enjoying a bowl full of soup and so many dimsums, a little bit of main course is more than enough. Mao’s Chicken, Chilli Garlic Fried Rice & Mandarin Noodles made up for the main course. I thoroughly enjoyed it as the Mao Chicken was done extremely well, and the gravy went well with Garlic Fried Rice. Noodles is something I can eat anytime and hence enjoyed this too. The tastes were very authentic and I can vouch that the overall preparation of the place is very good. And hence not just the brunch but you can enjoy an excellent oriental meal at Chi Asian Cookhouse.

Darsan, the crispy fried noodles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Ice-Cream Trio were the dessert choices and I liked them both. Darsan is an authentic oriental dessert whereas Ice Cream Trio allows you to enjoy three flavours of ice-cream topped with sauces.

I really loved my culinary experience at this Dimsum Brunch and I am sure you would love it too, and now the next Sunday being the beginning of the year, make it more special by visiting Chi Asian Cookhouse, as you would be tired enough with the previous night party to cook anything on your own. So wake up at ease, freshen up and head straight for this Dimsum Brunch, sit back, and enjoy good food and drinks!


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The Masala Trail by Osama Jalali, the amalgamation of street foods of India

Kolkata Ke Puchkas, Bombay Ki Pav Bhaji, Mysore Ka Vada, Chennai Ka Masala Dosa, Delhi Ki Chaat, we all are well aware of these amazing street foods we get across the length and breadth of our country and sometimes we just wait for our travel plans to materialise so that we can savour these delicacies in their whole authenticity. Because sometimes we don’t get everything in our own cities or even if we get most of the times the authentic flavours are missing. But not anymore because Osama Jalali along with Keventers brings The Masala Trail to Delhi which not only boasts of street and regional foods from across regions under one roof but also infuse complete authenticity in the tastes.

To begin with we were served Tower Chaat, layers and layers of yummy dilli ki chaat presented in a tall glass. This one is surely a must have. Pakora Basket and Samosa Chaat were served next. The pakora basket had assorted pakoras and is totally worth it. Crunchy & crispy pakoras with green chutney make for a perfect evening snack. The samosa chaat too was good to taste. Banarasi Tamatar Chaat was something I had not tried before and hence found it very different, but could not acquire the taste for the same.

Moving on from North, we tasted some Western delicacies, Panki, a Gujarati snack prepared with rice flour between banana leaves was served first. Though it tasted nice, but it wasn’t something that I would fancy much otherwise. Dabeli Pav, again a traditional Gujarati dish, it is made with mashed potatoes tossed in masala toppings and sandwiched between grilled pav. This was definitely worth trying and I am sure you will like it. Mumbaiya Pizza Dosa and Chowpaty Pav Bhaji was something we tried next and both of these things were simply outstanding. I have always found a challenge with restaurants serving pav bhaji without the authentic taste, but here it was exactly the way its found in Mumbai and the same was with Pizza Dosa, it reminded me of the famous stalls near Mithibai College in Mumbai that serve these dosas. Even the Vada Pav was as authentic as it could be, retaining the original taste, your search for vada pavs could definitely end here.

Mysore Vada from the south and Kolkata Puchkas from the east were next, the vadas were nice and crispy but because I am not basically fond of South Indian food, I just tried these for namesake. Though the Masala Dosa looked tempting enough.The Kolkata puchkas were a bit of disappointment because I found them to be a little dry, the filling could have been better and even the masala water.

For mains we settled for Amristsari Kulchas and Dal Makhani with Naan. The Amritsari Kulchas were simply amazing, I loved them and one must surely try them. The Dal Makhani was easily one of the best I had eaten in recent times and you cant afford to miss it.

Another thing that you shouldn’t be missing is the Kesari Lassi and Matka Kulfi to complete your meal and it will be one soulful journey of food that you will end up experiencing at this place. I am very sure that this restaurant is going to give all vegetarian restaurants a run for their money, so don’t think much and visit asap.


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Ardor 2.1- Restaurant Review

I was recently invited by a blogger friend Vibhav Dwivedi to review this restaurant & bar which has undergone a complete revamping and hence its now called ARDOR 2.1, the next level of food, drinks and even hookah.

The place is spread across two floors, the lower floor being more like a fine dining place and apt for families and bigger groups, also Sheesha is not allowed on this floor. The upper floor that also has a balcony is more like a lounge where one can sit back, relax and chill with friends. This place is ideal for the youngsters. Music, Hookah, Drinks, Awesome Food, what else does one need and hence its just perfect.

For starters we ordered some French Fries, Chicken Caesar Salad, Chatpata Peanuts and Chilly Paneer to begin with. Caesar Salad was nice and crunchy with the lettuce leaves, perfect dressing and big chunks of chicken. Loved the chilly paneer as well, perfectly spiced with big pieces of cottage cheese, this is an all time favourite. And of course needless to say that the peanuts and french fries were good too, though there is hardly any bad that can be done to them. There was a wide variety of mocktails and cocktails to choose from to go along with the array of starters.

Dahi Bhalla Papdi, Non-Veg & Veg Kebab Platter, Crunchy Baby Corn & Mushroom with Dry Chilli, Dragon Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Loaded Nachos, Chilly Chicken Dry and Sesame Fried Fish made for our next set of appetisers. The Crunchy Baby Corn & Mushrooms turned out to be really good. The platters were both good and truly a delight whether for vegetarians or the non-vegetarians. I had more than everything one can ask for. The non-veg platter had an assortment of Ajwaini Machhi Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Murg Ghazab Ka Seena, Ghosth Seekh Kebab, Murg Tikka Punjabi, Murg Malai Kebab, Murg Reshmi Kebab and Dhaniya Mirch Ka Machhi Tikka.. isn’t that just wow..I mean what more really would you need. Similarly the veg platter had an assortment of Paneer Tikka Ajwaini, Khumb Achari, Bharwa Chutney Wale Aaloo, Hara Bhara Kebab, Dahi Ke Kebab, Tandoori Soya Chaap Punjabi, Paneer Mirch Ke Seekh, Makkai Te Pudine Di Tikki and Tandoori Rani. These platters were sure shot winners and each item of the platter was delectable. All the kebabs and tikkas were very tender and delectable.

Nachos were loaded with beans and salsa and tasted really nice, the sesame fried fish was good too. The dragon chilly chicken was pieces of fried chicken with oodles of black bean sauce. I loved the taste and concept of this dish, but I wish the chicken wasn’t so stretchy. It could surely have been better, because wherever there was less sauce, the chicken appeared too dry to eat. I am sure they can work around this one.Chilly Chicken and Paneer Tikka were great to taste.

Coming to mains, I tried the Pastas, both in Red and White Sauce and they were really done well and I loved it. I also tried the loaded veggie pizza and it too tasted great. I was so full with all this that I had no space to try the Indian mains but going with the overall quality of food I am sure that the Indian main course would be as great and you must definitely try it. I have heard that their Dal Makhani is exceptionally good. For me, I just settled for a Match Kulfi to bring my culinary exploration to a sweet end.

I recommend this place highly and you must give it a try really soon you won’t be disappointed.

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Walking Street by Soi7- Restaurant Review

Pretty woman walking down the street! Oops no..! Pretty Woman at the WALKING STREET, yes that was me the pretty woman enjoying a relaxed evening at Walking Street in sector 29 Gurgaon. My weekend seemed extremely sorted when We Are Gurgaon invited me for a specials blogger meet at Walking Street by Soi7. A vibrant yet cool and comfortable ambience is how walking street is spread across 2 floors. The lower floor even has a pool table and foosball unit for you to have some fun with your family and friends while you enjoy yummylicious food and drinks.

Orange Margarita was my choice for the drink along with Szechuan Veg and Non-veg Dumplings, Hunan Style Cottage Cheese and Shredded Chicken Assorted Pepper Chili. The Margarita was done perfectly and was really refreshing. The Dumplings were delectable and I loved the Pepper Chicken, it was really nice. Though the crushed peppers could have been little less, but the overall taste was great. 

Grilled Baby Potatoes, Chili Bean Mushroom & Vegetables and Steamed Fish Chili Garlic was next and all three of these dishes definitely make to the must try list. The bite size baby potatoes tossed in sauces were amazing, I am not a potato lover but I could not resist these ones, they were so good. Mushrooms are anyday my favourites and what best when they are made to perfection. It’s a delight for vegetarians. The fish was so tender and soft and that it actually melted in my mouth, the chili garlic sauce topped over it, enhanced the subtle taste of fish and made it a perfect combination. 

Though the bloggers menu was a mix of Thai and Oriental, but we could not resist ourselves from trying a few Indian delicacies as well. We ordered the very popular lamb chops and they were totally mouth drooling, one must not give them a miss at any cost. They are totally worth it. The mutton was perfectly cooked and tender and the spices worked so well it making it a very delicious dish.

We also ordered the Duck and Mutton Galautis and they were more than lovely. The duck meat as well as mutton was so perfectly cooked that they truly melted in mouth, served on a small parantha, they were like a meal in themselves if one person gobbles up the entire plate.

Coming to the main course, there were Vegetables in Smoked Red Pepper Sauce, Exotic Vegetables in Thai Chili & Basil, Tofu in Tomato Chili Sauce, Chicken Hot Pot Shitake, Lamb Chili Oyester Sauce and Sambal Fish along with Chili Garlic Fried Rice & Scallion Noodles. I was so full already with the appetizers that I could only afford to taste the main course, but because it was Chinese that happens to be my favourite cuisine I ended up more than trying and enjoying the complete meal. Each and every dish was more than perfect. I can now really vouch for the food at this place. So whenever you are standing confused in the parking lot of sector 29 thinking where to eat, trust me this is the place, and even of you aren’t confused, go for it specially and you wont regret it. 

The desserts included Seasame Toasted Honey Noodles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Spring Rolls with Vanilla Ice Cream. I gave the Honey Noodles a skip and settled for Chocolate Spring Rolls which were awesome.

Overall I enjoyed spending a relaxed evening with some scrumptious meal and drinks at the Walking Street, so make sure you also give it a shot and don’t forget to share your feedback with us. Cheers!

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Cafe Mojo – The eBeer Destination


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With the festive season around, there is an air of excitement and celebration across. Mumbai, the city of vibrant night life is bustling with festive sale, offers and deals. But what’s there for the party animals? The revelers this time will have newer destination to party and bring in the New Year.

Pubs and sports bars have been enticing their visitors for a while, but this December a brand new partying hotspot has opened in the busy streets of MIDC.

To experience the excitement of the festive season, I had the privilege to experience a pot pourri of exhilaration. This uber classic café in GoldFinch hotel is a destination in itself for creatures of the dusk. Café Mojo is place which has mastered the art of flawlessly blending the English and continental culture.

A hospitable staff escorted me in the bar area, where I met the business partners of the Pub. After having a chat with them, I learnt that it’s a one-of-its-kind pub which devised a unique concept of “e-beer” in India. It’s said that Café Mojo is India’s first eBeer pub where one can pour his/her own beer and pay by the ML and not by Glass. This system allows you to order food and drinks through a card; you get a card that you need to recharge by any amount you like. The card can be used for all future visits and is refundable. Well! That appeared like a boon in the turbulent times of demonetization where you needn’t worry about the cash.

While I explored the venue, I saw that the interiors were quite similar to ones in the West and best part about this pub is that every table has a beer hose.  All you have to do is place the card on the sensor and beer shall be ready to ooze from the hose. There are 3 levels in the cafe – a bar, a lounge and a roof top seating area where sheesha is served.

A wide range of lip-smacking recipes are listed on the menu. But I planned to have the most basic ones. I ordered Nachos and the preparation was just as the way it should be.

The next in my list was Beer Battered Prawns. I must confess that this was best I’ve ever had at any other places. On the concluding bit, I was offered Farm House Veg Pizza whose thin crust was just perfect and tender chicken wings. And these two recipes where flawlessly made.


Not to forget, the Mojito perfectly complemented the platter I had ordered and they have an array of cocktails to fuel-up.


Apart from drinks and gastronomic delights on its menu, great music and exciting events are on its list.

It’s a destination that should be listed on e every party animal’s bucket list.



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Lights Camera Action Air Bar- Restaurant Review

Lights Camera Action-Airbar, as the name suggests is totally filmy based theme right from their decor to menu to even the visiting cards, for a small example the visiting card of the Restaurant Manger says”Rishtey mein toh hum aap ke manager lagtey hain, naam hai……..”the famous dialogue from Amitabh starrer Shahensha.The same unique feature finds way into the naming of their dishes and drinks as well.

1. Golmaal
2. Pyar Tune Quesadilla
3. Vegetarian Murg Tikka
4. Jangali Chilli Mushroom
5. Kukkad Kamal Da
6. Lick Me like lolly Pop
7. Hamari Murgi Dusra Desh
8. What the Fish
9. Keema Paav
10. Naanza
11. Pasta
12. Makhan Singh Chicken Curry
13. Meri Maa ki Daal
14. Rockstar Junglee Mutton
15. Paneer Lababdaar
16. Sallu Bhai ki Biryani
17. Oreo Rabri Cake
18. Vilayti Babu

These were some of the dishes we were treated to during our bloggers meet at the venue.
The recently redone Terrace-The Bolly Terrace is a visual treat and great ambience.The pleasure of having your food and drinks out in the open is an experience in itself.

We were served a wide range of dishes, each a gastronomical delight.
My personal favourites were as follows
The Junglee Chilli Mushroom was delicately done with the right amount of chillies to it. The Naanza and Pyaar Tune Quesadilla were just perfect. Lick me like Lollypop, chicken legs, tastefully marinated in exotic spices was done to perfection. The Makhan Singh Chicken Curry was true to its name and really good. Meri maa ki Daal was another gourmet’s delight .The Rockstar Junglee Mutton was just that rocking in taste. Paneer lababdar was truly a veggies delight, cottage cheese prepared in a delicious gravy.
For dessert there was Oreo Rabri Cake, which was delectable.

A word about the decor, it is unique and refreshing and kahani puri filmy hai. The staff is very attentive,courteous and eager to serve.

Let’s not forget the beverages on offer,a wide range really. To name a few the Pomegranate and Cranberry Sangria was a delightful mix. A special mention for the Phalsa Martini which was just beautifully done
All in all a really delightful experience of good food, drinks ambience and great service to boast.
Highly recommended for a great gastronomical experience in lovely ambience.

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Beat the Blues with Biryani Blues..!!

Everyone has those days when you don’t want to cook and neither go out for dinner, and hence the best option is to get some amazing food delivered at your door step, and recently one of the days I did just that..!

I ordered a single meal in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian option from Biryani Blues… Why single meal??? Because it gave me a chance to explore both their famous biryani and some really delectable starters. In the non-veg meal, I got a more than sufficient quantity of Chicken Biryani along with Mirchi Ka Salan and Raita, and I got a generous quantity of Chicken Nizami as a starter. I simply loved the Biryani and was totally bowled over by the Nizami Chicken, the biryani was just perfect and the best part was that in most restaurants biryani is over powered with spices in the name of authenticity, but this one was perfectly balanced. The taste was mild and no spices over-powered each other thus retaining the essence of Biryani.



The Nizami Chicken was tender, succulent and perfectly spiced. I was very skeptical before ordering, but now I am specially going to order a full portion of the same.


Now coming to the vegetarian meal, it too had Veg Biryani with Mirchi Salan and Raita and Paneer 65 as the starter. Being a non-vegetarian one always feel that Chicken Biryani is the best, but all I can say is this was no less, its heaven for vegetarians and the Paneer 65 was simply awesome. I have never been fond of non-vegetarian food with South-Indian touch, but now my perception has been changed forever.



All in all, if you really want awesome food, at reasonable prices and that too at the comfort of your home, just go for Biryani Blues, you will love it!

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Set’z- A Fine Dining Restaurant Where Luxury Meets Affordability!

Class, opulence, elegance and a truly high class ambience is what comes to your mind the moment you enter SET’Z at DLF Emporio Mall and rightly said, what else can you expect from a restaurant being located at the most posh mall of the capital city. So SET’Z not only boasts of world class ambience but also a very carefully chosen global cuisine and it also allows its customers to customize the dishes as per their taste and choice. Recently SET’Z has also come up with an interesting regime of having a ‘customer choice menu’. So in this regime, they include some new dishes every month across different cuisines and ask their customers for a feedback, post evaluation the most popular dishes are retained in the menu and the dishes that don’t seem to connect much with the customers don’t find space in the menu. I really found this concept to be amusing and recently we visited SET’Z to review their Indian menu with addition of some new dishes.





To begin with we tried a wide variety of their kebabs in both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Khumb Shikampur, Kathal Mamra and Charoli Kebab were served first. Khumb Shikampur was a mushroom based kebab, soft and delectable. I personally loved the Kathal Mamra, a succulent kebab made out of jackfruit, though a bit spicy, but it was full of taste. But the best was the Charoli Kebab, a truly exquisite kebab made of almonds, very soft and delicious. For the non-vegetarian spread we had Murg Shole, Mulayam Murg Seekh, Set’z Seekh, Macchi Zaitoon Sarson and Raan-E-Set’z and all the dishes were good. Murg Shole was a spicy chicken tikka which was nice but nothing exceptional, the Mulayam Seekh, was basically kakori style chicken seekh, very tender and juicy, the Set’z Seekh was normal mutton seekh kebab, Macchi Zaitoon Sarson was a nicely done fish tikka and the best was the Raan-E-Set’z, a true delicacy that you must try.

img_1505  img_1514



Out of this spread I personally recommend Kathal Mamra, Charoli Kebab, Mulayam Murg Seekh and Raan-E-Set’z to definitely be a part of their regular menu.

Our next set of dishes from the coastal part of India, south India predominantly. A live crab in a glass box was brought on the table before it went on to become a delicate dish. I don’t eat shell fishes and hence just viewing the live crab was interesting enough for me and I have tasting a skip, though my fellow foodies who tried it, appreciated the preparation really well.

Jumbo Lobsters were next on the table and though they looked tempting enough I had to skip them as well.





Then there were Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dumplings along with a Soya Bean Potato Crispy Fry and both of them were nice.




By the time we tried all these starters along with a few drinks, I was too full to try the main course, but I just thought of tasting them so that I can share with all my lovely readers on what was good and what wasn’t.


Rather than serving entire dishes, a special Thali was arranged for us, with smaller portions of main course dishes and a variety of breads. The Thali included both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes like Vegetable Gassi, Telangana Bhindi, Gosht Dalcha, Kothmiri Tawa Chicken and Tomato based Fish Curry… and there are many more options to choose from which satiate your craving for both Indian and Coastal food. In breads also there was a lot to choose from, Lehsuni Dhaniya Lachha Parantha, Zaitoon Cheese Naan, Gilafi Kulcha, Appam, Dal Miss Roti, Methi Roti, Hyderabadi Naan and more.


The desserts too were served like a platter with a variety of sweet desires to choose from. It has Coconut Barfi, Custard Apple Payasam, Anjeer Ki Kheer, Thande Gulab Ki Kheer and Khubani Ka Meetha. I personally liked the Anjeer Ki Kheer, Coconut Barfi and Custard Apple Payasam the most out of the lot.


I liked the overall concept that one can choose the dishes that we would like to see on the menu regularly. Also the thing that I loved about SET’Z is that it has different kitchens, all live kitchens for different cuisines and one can make changes and customise dishes as per specific taste or requirements.



This place should definitely be on your list, and trust me its niche and classy in every sense but it will not burn a hole in your pocket. They have very pocket friendly prices and especially on the beverages, so don’t worry be happy and go for it..!!


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