Healthy snacking is fastly catching pace in the country and has become an important part of our Lifestyle. This trend is pushing F&B companies to create innovative and better healthy options. Juices are the best way to ensure a healthy snacking habit. Considered as the King of juices, Sugarcane Juice is blessed with extremely high nutritional properties. Indians love their traditional beverage and are crazy for freshly extracted sugarcane juice served in glasses by vendors across the country. But with these available platforms hygiene is the biggest concern along with round the year availability. Taking up the challenge, Nutricane Beverages Pvt. Ltd., a young companyRead More →

Halloween is just around the corner, so what special are you drinking..? Here are some interesting cocktail recipes for you to try and indulge in, so make the most of it and do share your feedback Cocktails Recipes- Courtesy, Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi   Sangria (Red cocktail) Ingredients                                                                             Quantity Red wine                                                                                     120 ml Cognac                                                                                         15ml Triple Sec                                                                                    15 ml Seasonal fruits                                                                           as required   Method Cut up the seasonal fruits into thin slices or wedges. Leave the peels on. Transfer the cut fruit to a pitcher. Uncork the Red Wine and pour it over the fruit. Measure the Cognac and pour it intoRead More →

While some whisky lovers will tell you that it is a drink that has been designed to be enjoyed on its own, there is no doubt that it makes some pretty fine cocktails as well. So, here we will have a quick look through some of the finest ones that you can enjoy. The beauty is that a lot of these are very simple to make as well, so if you are not an experienced mixologist, you are in luck! Photo Credit A lot of whisky cocktails involve a simple syrup. Essentially all you need to do is put equal parts water and white sugarRead More →