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Aura at Claridges organises special Ladies Night..!

This June, there’s an added reason for all the ladies out there to celebrate every Friday, as Aura, The Vodka Bar at The Claridges, New Delhi prepares itself to delight all the women in the city with a heady mix of cocktails and music and finger licking food.
This Friday I happened to witness this exclusivity and simply loved it.

On the menu for the ladies night were some unique vodka concoction that shouldn’t be missed. The Rooftop Lemonad, a combination of fresh fruits flavors like mandarin, lime, cucumber, fresh mint and smokiness of star anise with Absolut citron & sparkling water is all you need to begin you weekend in style.
The Trouble Maker is a perfect blend of Absolut mandarin with sweetness of strawberry & freshness of cucumber.
Indulge in the Aura-Let, a sweet & spicy innovation of Absolut India, mango juice and lime that will definitely keep your spirits high.
You can also just simply sip of the Sun Bath, a spicy combination of Absolut pepper, mango syrup, cranberry and lime or the Blue Moon, a classic drink blue lagoon with the twist of raw mango or the Absolut Passion or Absolut Masala.
Aura is the place to be for all the ladies looking for fun Friday evenings! The place is cozy, comfortable and perfect to unwind over the weekend.
The finger food served was excellent. The Amritsari Fish Fingers were truly awesome. I simply enjoyed myself and look forward to visit again with my girl gang.
Day: Fridays
Time: 7:30 pm onwards

Address: Aura, The Claridges – 12, APJ Abdul Kalam Road, New Delhi – 110011

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Mouth Drooling Pan Asian Cuisine at Dimcha…!

Mouth Drooling Pan Asian Cuisine at Dimcha…!

If you love dimsums, this is the place for you, if you don’t love dimsums, visit Dimcha and you will fall in love with them. This place is just perfect for not just dimsum lovers but also anyone who craves authentic Pan-Asian Cuisine.
I recently visited this cozy and comfortable looking place situated in Epicuria, Nehru Place.
The evening began with Kiwi Mint Cooler and Gari & Lemon Grass Cooler, these mocktails alone will make you go back to the place again and again, they were simply amazing. I loved them both equally.

Next we tried two varieties of soups Khao-Suey Soup and Baa Mee Tom, both were delectable. Very filling yet light. The texture, the taste, everything was just perfect. Must try.

Next was Raw Papaya Salad, and I have to admit it was one of the best salads I have eaten in the recent time. Crunchy, light, juicy and full of taste, perfect adjectives to describe the salad.

It was now the turn for trying out dimsums, and even before eating one falls in love with the way they are presented, so colourful and vibrant. Green, Yellow, Red, amazing colours and awesome taste. I tried Chilli Garlic Dumpling, Kenya Bean Dumpling, Hoisin Chicken Dumpling and Spicy Prawn Dumpling, all of them were great, but the Prawn dumpling became my favourite.

Now for the most amazing thing I ever tasted, it was the Red Turnip cake, now for me, I have never even tasted turnip in my life and somehow always disliked it without eating, but the Red Turnip Cake at Dimcha, made me a fan of its. I am simply, truly and madly in love with the dish. It was mindblowing, and one cannot just make out that you having Turnip. I can go back to this place again and again just to eat this red Turnip Cake.

Next we tried some Crispy Tofu Crushed Black pepper, the taste was just awesome, it was followed by French Bean in Black Bean Sauce, once again I not bean lover and yet this tasted just awesome and after trying one bean reluctantly, I had to take a generous serving for myself. Diced Chicken in Black Bean Sauce ad Steamed Fish in Banana leaf were the next and by now all I can say is that nothing can go wrong at this place, nothing at all. The chickens, the fish, both were amazing. 

I felt too full relishing all this food, that I had no place to try their main course and desserts, but I am definitely going back there very soon and try out whatever is left, from the menu.
Between the culinary experiences, I also got a chance to enjoy a brief master class by the chef where he shared his recipe of the amazing Raw Papaya Salad and some other delicacies too.

Overall I rate this place a generous 4.5 and highly recommend all my readers to visit it soon for a great gastronomic experience.

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Costa Coffee launches ‘Frostino’ in India – a new range of Ice blended drinks launched internationally for the summer of 2016.

Costa Coffee, the world’s second largest coffee chain and India’s first international coffee chain has launched its International range of Frostino in India. The delicious new range of chilled beverages will serve as the perfect refresher for this summer. Recently Costa Coffee help a bloggers meet to make us all taste the new range of flavours at their South Ex outlet.

Frostino is cool and creamy milk based iced blended drink and is being introduced globally by Costa. Customers in India can now experience this ultimate indulgence, hand crafted by Costa Coffee’s skilled baristas. Available in new flavours and vibrant colours, the all new Frostino includes three new drinks at Costa which are Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet, and Belgian Chocolate.

A sweet, fluffy drink with the perfect mix of lime, Key Lime Pie is designed to provide a delicious thirst quenching boost this summer. Its one of those rare flavors that would take time to develop taste for our Indian taste buds. We are too accustomed to the usual sweet and milky kind of blended drinks, and though this is milky, but the flavor of lemon , the tanginess, the punch, makes it a little too different. But one must definitely try it once for its uniqueness.

Red Velvet is a unique, new drink that has a smooth texture and buttery rich cream that makes it an all-time favourite. I personally loved this one, for me it makes a perfect summer partner. It isnt one of those regular flavors that we get to taste very often, its really a unique flavor and that makes it much more exciting to try out. Its a sure shot hit and must try on the list.

Belgian Chocolate Cookie is a deliciously satisfying drink that would be exciting for chocolate lovers, but personally I didn’t find anything exceptional about it. It was very nice, but still regular.

The exciting range of Frostinos also includes White Chocolate & Raspberry, Coffee Cooler, Classic Cold Coffee, Vanilla Cooler and Roasted Hazel Nut. The delicious new range is great on its own and can even be customized with select toppings. Customers can choose to add their own toppings to make their idea of the perfect drink.
Speaking about the launch, Ashish Chanana, COO, Costa Coffee India, said, “With summer at its peak, there could have been no better time to launch our international new range of Frostino. Costa Frostino comes in a range of flavors and vibrant colors, designed to provide a delicious thirst quenching boost this summer. The all new Frostino range is our latest offering this season which is a blend of flavors with a really cool international vibe and are sure to be a big hit amongst our patrons.”
Classic Cold Coffee, Vanilla Cooler and Roasted Hazel Nut starts at Rs 205/- and Coffee Cooler is at Rs 190/-. Whereas Caramel Frostino is available at Rs 190/- and Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet is available at Rs 210/- and Belgian Chocolate, Caramel, White Chocolate & Raspberry is available at Rs. 220/-
The new drinks are available at Costa Coffee outlets across India.
About Costa Coffee India:
Costa Coffee entered India in September 2005 through an exclusive master franchisee tie-up with Devyani International Ltd. (a Ravi Jaipuria promoted company and part of the 3000 crore RJ Corp) making it the first international coffee chain to start operations in India.
Since its launch, Costa Coffee has set new benchmarks in coffee retailing in the country with its hand crafted coffee. At Costa, each cup of coffee is treated as a work of art and served with a personalized touch. Over the last few years, Costa has created a distinct image for itself with its great coffee and food, friendly and efficient service and stylish and relaxing surroundings. Besides Coffee, Costa worldwide also lays heavy emphasis on food. A wide range of scrumptious sandwiches, Paninis, Tostatos and many kinds of deserts make it an exciting place to visit for a complete eating out experience.

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Month End Problem, No Problem, Head Straight to Nehru Place Social and Satiate your Taste Buds for Just Rs 19*

Yes that’s correct, Nehru Place Social is offering a select range of mouth-watering dishes and thirst quenching drinks just at Rs. 19. There is Keema Pao, Sausage Pao for the non- vegetarians, and Vada Pao, Dahi Papdi, and Bhel Puri for the veggies. There is an exciting range of shots and other drinks to choose from, and I guess at just Rs 19, it’s not bad at all. I went their yesterday and had a gala of a time. The food was just amazing, the keema pal was worth and sausage pao was worth drooling, and the dahi papdi was perfect for a hot afternoon. Don’t underestimate the power of a SHOT, the kaccha aam shot was mind blowing, just go for it. Don’t miss the opportunity, its up for grabs only for today more, so visit now! Go foodies, celebrate food!

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Challenge, Disrupt and Evolve at Nehru Place Social

If you’ve been around for longer than a decade, you probably know that Nehru Place birthed Delhi’s first tech boom, decades before the days of ridiculously easy access. However, today, despite everything being so attainable, Nehru Place still feels indispensible to Delhi. From what began as a hub for all things IT – no matter how questionable the authenticity – Nehru Place is now a bustling ecosphere of it’s own, playing host to banks, restaurants, a Cineplex and one of the largest Visa centres. The newest Social represents everything Nehru Place does – a thriving energy, a space for innovators to discover, disrupt and challenge, and an unstoppable pulse.

Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants says, “We are excited to launch the fourth Social in Delhi in Nehru Place, with a renewed commitment to creating a hotbed of creativity and a space that thrives on synergy for young entrepreneurs and inspired minds. As always, we will continue to challenge norms across the board, which will extend to food and drinks as well. The energy here is palpable and we hope our space is steeped in the same dynamism that has come to be synonymous with Nehru Place.”
Nehru Place Social, like its Hauz Khas and Def. Col. predecessors, is a curation of the same design philosophy of minimal intervention and maximum up cycling. The anti-design theme runs through the entire space with underlying brickwork peaking through distressed walls and much more. The area has been maximised in terms of usage and dynamic elements have been added to make Social that much more functional.

Go back in time with ferris wheel booths and ride it as long as you don’t drop your own food. The tables in the centre stay if you want to sit down and eat; the tables go up when you want to party like a rockstar. Hanging off giant metal chains, the people will decide how they like their space. Be a spectator at Social and sit on the massive steps that mimic stadium seating. Whoever skipped the gym can workout at the bar with Social’s half- cycles, another tier of efficient, yet fun design. And then there is an entire element of what Nehru Place has meant to the city over the years, with odes to much of the now- defunct IT parapharnelia and dreams of geeky collectors.

If you walk into a Social during the day, you will most likely find a swarm of sleep- deprived millennials hunched over their laptops – bootstrapping, young idealists willing to rough it out on their way to the top. At Nehru Place Social, such individuals will have the comfort of an exclusive space, cordoned off by a glass door that is dedicated to co- working – the music will be a gentle hum and patrons that are there for a meal or a few drinks won’t cause any disturbance.
Strongly believed, Social has left an indelible mark on Delhi’s food landscape with its Mile High Club Sandwiches, DIY Bruschetta, Baida Rotis, Oreo Mud Pot Shake and The Chocolate Blood Bath. The city’s favourite food has another deadly destination to devour with Nehru Place Social! Start your day with a Breakfast Tray or call it a night with the Big Bad Burgers. Go solo with a Salad or eat with a team with Social’s Substantials and Sharing Plates. Keeping its date with curiosity, the food & drinks menu more than tickles your fancy with new additions like Butter Salt & Peperoncino Wings, the Killer Kebab Platter, and the Bhoona Sausage Pao.
Banta Hai

Chocolate Chutzpah

Killer Kebab Platter

Qatar Fish with Kimchi Rice
We tried the Water Melon Vs. Feta Salad, and have to say that it was a perfect thing to start the summery evening with, and the way it came in a mason jar made it all the more appealing.

Water Melon Vs Feta
The next we ordered Gun Powder Calamari, a crispy beer battered fried fish served with Podi Powder and Lehsun Chutney Mayo. This too tasted awesome and made for a perfect starter.
Gun Powder Calamari

Shwarma is a newly added dish in the menu, and it was simply delectable. One look at it, and the mouth starts watering. 
Chicken Shawarma

Also on the menu were some chicken tikka tacos and they were truly delectable.
chicken tikka tacos
For drinks we settled for Trip on the Drip and Screw Social Driver, and both of them were amazing. Somehow for me its just not possible to visit social and not have their amazing Ferrero Rocher Shake, its simply mind blowing. I can never enough of it.
Social Screw Driver

Trip on a Drip

Ferrero Rocher Shake
Social seamlessly fits into the fast-paced rush of Nehru Place. Whether you’ve been wandering around to get the best deal on the gadget you’ve been crushing for or up for a meal after a long productive day, Social is your one stop shop.

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The Wait for Ice Cream Rolls Gets Over at Ice Pan Creamery

Craving from some ice cream to beat the heat this summer, try the ice-cream rolls at Ice Pan Creamery instead, you will love them. I recently visited their newly opened outlet at the DLF Place Saket and it was a very pleasant experience. They specialize in ice cream rolls but also have waffles and sorbets.

I personally tried about 4 flavors’ of ice cream rolls and each of them was amazing. I started with a raspberry mango dual flavored ice cream roll, and it was simply mind blowing. The whole experience of watching the ice cream being made live is just another level of satisfaction, entertainment, and delight.

The next was the classic chocolate and like its said, nothing can go wrong with chocolate, but the real deal was the pan flavored ice cream roll and better yet was the choco chip pan roll, it tasted heavenly. I could have just gone on and on with it.

Just like the colours of the ice cream, the place exuberates vibrancy and youthfulness with its bright colorful appearance. The place has been done in bold yellow colour and very quirky wall art; it’s a perfect place to hangout after your dinner and satiate your sweet tooth. So don’t wait any further and head straight to Ice Pan Creamery for amazing ice cream rolls and other sweet savories as well.

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Restaurant Review-Hive Kitchen & Bar

Recently I went to this newly opened place in Green Park Market, called HIVE Kitchen & Bar, and I am really glad I went there. The ambience, the drinks and the food, everything was just amazing.

There was a specially curated menu for us as we went for a review, and all these items were a part of their regular menu as well.
For the cocktails, I tried Cosmopolitan and Caprioska and both of them were good, but I still liked Caprioska better.


The starters included Beer Battered Amritsari Styled Fish Nuggets, Naan Pizza, Crispy Chicken Croquettes and Ceaser Salad. The fish was very very crispy and tasty. The naan pizza was just the way I love my pizza, not a hard crust, but the goodness of a pizza on soft bread. Chicken Croquettes were delectable and Ceaser Salad was good too.

Caeser Salad

Crispy Chicken Croquettes

Beer Battered Amritsar Styled Fish Nuggets


Naan Pizza
For the mains we had, Indian Style Spiced Chicken, Juicy Lamb Burgers and Half Roasted Chicken.
The Indian Styled Chicken was delicious; the red gravy was delectable and can be eaten with both rice and roti.
Juicy Lamb Burgers as the name suggests, were really juicy and a must try.
After the starters and 2 things in the mains, my tummy was really full, I had no place for the roasted chicken, but I did try a bite of it and I can surely say that it was a perfect roast.

Juicy Lamb Burgers

Half Roasted Chicken

Indian Styled Spiced Chicken with Rice
Even when I am full, desserts are something I never give a miss. Warm Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Red Velvet Cake was served for desserts. The Apple Pie was wonderful, I simply fell in love with it and even the Red Velvet Cake was just perfect, very few people get it right, but this one was really delicious.

Warm Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Red Velvet Cake
I recommend this place very highly, do give it a try and I am sure you would also love it as much as I did.

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Restaurant Review- Chili’s @Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Once in a blue moon comes a chance, where you visit an eating joint and end up falling in love with each and everything that the place has to offer. I experienced the same when I visited Chili’s at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. It was truly a wonderful experience and I cannot simply get over it, the food, the ambience, the hospitality, everything was top notch.
Ambience was very comfortable and vibrant, with adequate lighting; somehow I don’t like places that have dim lighting, as I love seeing food in its true colours as much as I enjoy eating it.

Classic Chicken Nachos– A simply mind blowing starter, crisp and cheesy at the same time, a must try.

Triple Dipper– A perfect starter that brings three appetizers together, Chicken Crispers, Chicken Wings and Southwestern Eggrolls. I personally found the Chicken Wings a little too tangy, rest both the dishes were delectable. Each of them comes with different dips and the dips certainly enhance the taste, there was an avocado based dip to go with Southwestern Egg Rolls, A Ranch Dip for Chicken Wings and a Chipotle Dip for Chicken Crispers.

Texas Cheese Poppers– Again a great starter, especially for vegetarians, crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Presidente Margarita– This is a Chili’s special cocktail, which has hand shaken Margarita made with Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado, Cointreau and Brandy. The presentation of the drink was excellent and so was the taste.

Cosmopolitan– I also tried the tried and tested Cosmopolitan, a Vodka based cocktail that has Triple Sec and Cranberry Juice. This is too was done perfectly.

Main Course:
Classic Bacon Burger– we tried one with minced chicken patty and other with a beef patty, and I have to say the burgers were just awesome, very juicy and cheesy, messy but amazing.

Californian Grilled Chicken Flat Bread Pizza– Really crispy and amazing pizza, and I found it amusing to eat a pizza, which wasn’t round.

Mix and Match Fajitas– We tried the Trio Fajita, which had grilled chicken, grilled steak and shrimps. It came with flour tortillas and a variety of sauces, like sour cream, salsa and pickled onions and jalapeños. This was truly one of the best I had and is highly recommended.

Fresh Mex Rice Bowl– Now this was the highlight dish for me personally. I simply loved it and I am going back for it very very soon. I tried the grilled chicken bowl and its definitely on the must try list. I really don’t wanna tell the details of it, order it, eat it and find it out on your own.

Cajun Pasta– Frankly speaking I haven’t really liked Pasta, whenever I have tried eating at different joints, I always felt, I make it better, but this one gave me a tough competition, it was truly delicious.

Quarter Grilled Chicken– A very popular dish, that was served on a bed of rice with an amazing dip, though there is an option of choosing other side dishes as well.

Herb Sole Fish– This too was amazing, and was part of their promotional menu, which means its on the menu for about 3 months and still up for grabs, so don’t miss your chance to try out this delicacy.

Molten Chocolate Cake– A simple yet delectable dessert, it was a mouth melting experience.

Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake– This dessert made me drools over it, it was so yummy. It also features in the must try list.

Overall, the experience was fantastic, and it was made even more special with the presence of two people, Payal Singh, the marketing head for the group and Chirag, who is the head chef for Chili’s, their presence made the entire food experience not just interesting but knowledgeable too, as Chef Chirag kept sharing his little secrets and what goes behind making those delectable dishes.

I give this place a generous 4.5/5 rating and recommend a visit to all my readers. You’ll surely fall in love with the place and the food will make it all worthwhile.

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Banta-Gola Festival at Ancient Barbeque, Gurgaon

What comes to your mind, when you think of summers.. all I can think of is cool and refreshing drinks like ice cold coffee, chuski, lemon banta, jaljeera and so on. These summers Ancient Barbeque, Guragon, bring to you just what your heart desires for.. The Banta-Gola Festival. So whenever you think of beating the scorching heat, think no more and head straight to Ancient Barbecue, and end your quest for thirst in a tasty way.

The banta-gola festival offers not just thirst quenching amazing drinks, but also lip smacking food to go along.
The ambience was perfectly created giving it a street type feel, to give more authenticity to the banta-gola festival. Many flavours like Narangi Banta, Jaljeera, Kala Khatta, Mixed Banta and also the Nasheela Banta for those who prefer their drinks adulterated 😉 with alcohol.

A special menu of street food was curated to go along with the street drinks. Vada Pavs, Aaloo Bonda and Ram Ladoo, were part of this menu.
I tried all the variety of banta and gola, and barring the pan flavoured gola, I liked them all, the jaljeera was simply mind blowing.
From the snacks menu, the vada pavs were delectable, I tried both the chicken vada pav and the aaloo vada pav, and both were amazing.

What followed this festival delights, was an elaborate service of starters, some of which were grilled live on the table barbeque. There was Paneer Tikka, Chicken, Tikka, Tandoori Prawns, Fish, Hara Bhara Kebabs and a couple of other snacks too. The snacks in themselves were so filling, that though there was an interesting buffet of main course, I gave it a skip.

My son tried Dal Makhani with Butter Rotis, and I tasted a bite, which gave me more assurance on the great taste and quality of food at Ancient Barbeque.

I did try the desserts and they were mouth watering, I tried death by chocolate and gulab jamuns. Death by chocolate was simply yumm, and the gulab jamuns were soft and delicious.
This place is a sure shot winner, and with the way they keep experimenting with new items in menu and special festivals, it makes it all the more worthwhile.
Special mention for Chef Ashish Massy, who is not just the head chef, but also co-owner of the place. He has really put in a lot of efforts in curating the menu and maintaining the taste with innovation in dishes.
Kudos the team, and do make it a part of your list, when you plan to try a new place for some exquisite food.

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Cantonese Food at Yauatcha, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, is a place that leaves you confused, and no I am not talking shopping, but I am talking restaurants, one entire floor has so much to offer that you are left confused on where to head for satiating your taste buds…
Though we were called for reviews, even then making a choice was becoming difficult; nevertheless, after a lot of mental chaos, I picked on Yauatcha.

The name Yauatcha has no literal meaning, ‘but it is made up of these words – Yau which is the surname of founder, i.e Alan Yau, and Cha means tea. Yauatcha is basically a famous dimsum teahouse hailing from London.
Aiming at authenticity in a modern setting, the chefs have taken recipes from all over China and infused them with a modern sensibility. The result..Authentic Cantonese cooking with a contemporary flair.
With a cuisine inspired by history and acknowledging the traditions of the past, one can only expect, well, the best. But sometimes, you are left a little disappointed with the overall experience because you set your expectations too high.
This is exactly what happened to my experience with Yauatcha, left me little dejected.
Though the food was good, but the service was too slow and added to a lot of frustration, in fact not just a slow service, but also a kind of negligence and ignorance in terms of the staff attending to us. They hardly ever came forward to take orders or suggest anything, after a lot of looking around, our eyes would finally meet, and someone would oblige, but nothing like the forthcoming sorts of hospitality happened here. But all the disappointment was dissolved when it comes to food.

We tried their Chicken and Prawn Sui Mai, Vegetable Shanghai Dumplings at first, and dumplings at Yauatcha can never disappoint. They truly have a class of their own and it reflects in the taste remarkably.

We ordered Orange Chilli Smoothie, Virgin Mary and Plum Cut Larissa Smoothie; the drinks were blended to perfection and had very distinct tastes.

Craving for more Cantonese delights, we ordered Chicken Cheung Fun, Crispy Spicy Vegetable Cheung Fun and Chicken Wrapped in Pakchoi. The presentation of food was as tempting as the actual taste of the food. The Chicken Wrapped in Pakchoi went to become one of my favorites. The Chicken Cheung Fun was lip smacking too.

But I guess the best part of the entire dining experience was to come in the form of desserts. They served us a platter of their special desserts, and for a long time we only kept staring it, they were mouth drooling.
Each and every item on the dessert platter is worth dying for, it included three flavors of sorbets, macaroons, milk choco praline and mango mascarpone gateaux. I personally loved the mango mascarpone gateaux and choco praline. They were delectable.

The place is definitely worth giving a try, the food is good, if they work a little on their service, I am sure one wont mind spending that kind of money to try the Cantonese delicacies.

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