Lohri Goodies from Grocerybag.in

Sundar mundriye ho! ..Tera kaun vicharaa ho!
Dulla bhatti wala ho!..Dulle di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!..Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paatta ho!..Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!..Zamindaar sudhaye!
Bade bhole aaye!..Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee pakad ke lai gaya!..Sipahee ne mari eet!
Sanoo de de lohri te teri jeeve jodi! ..Bhave ro te Bhave pit!
This folk song is almost like a synonym with the festival of Lohri.
Lohri is a very popular Punjabi festival, especially celebrated in the Northern parts of India. There are many origins of Lohri: all forming part of folklore. However, the main theme of Lohri is the belief that Lohri is the cultural celebration of the winter solstice. Lohri is meant to be celebrated on the shortest day of the year, but since many years it is celebrated on the 13th of January across Punjab and other northern regions of the country.
For Punjabi families Lohri means coming together of families, lighting a bonfire, sitting together, celebrating, singing songs and relishing some savouries which are associated especially with this festival.

And amidst everything, Delhi has another reason to celebrate as Grocerybag brings us directly from the heart of Asia’s oldest market of Khari Baoli, the decadent treats and surprises to gorge on with delight, just at the click of a mouse. Having been in the trade for more than two centuries, Grocerybag has amassed an all-embracing understanding of the choicest range of grains, spices, dry fruits and much, much more! They have reinvented themselves from being just a grain wholesaler to a comprehensive grocery solution provider; Grocerbag.in is a unique endeavor through their new online platform.

And for the festival of enthusiasm, delight, and prosperity Grocerybag created a special hamper for us to enjoy the gourmet range of delicacies that they have in store for the beautiful celebration of Lohri.
I felt very lucky indeed to receive the Lohri hamper from Grocerybag which not just reflected the essence of the festival but also the promise of quality product that the brand delivers. I was delighted to see so much goodness packed in this one small little box of Lohri goodies from Grocerybag.

This small little box was loaded with 7 goodies that perfectly captured the sentiments of Lohri and the items that we have been relishing since our childhood on this occasion.
It had almonds, raisins, corn kernels, revris, jaggery, cashew nuts and peanuts and I must admit that even without opening the packets, the quality of product spoke for itself. By just looking at the products one could say that they are the best.

The revris tasted just perfect, very crisp and yet not hard or chewy on the teeth. It had a great taste and aroma of cardamom which made it even more irresistible. The almonds too were very crisp and so were the cashew nuts. I was really impressed with the quality of peanuts as normally when we buy these peanuts with shells, most of them are either empty or have those bitter tasting, rotten peanuts, but in this packet, each and every shell opened to beautiful and tasty peanut seeds.
After tasting the products I vouch for the quality and taste and rate it really high. My favourite was the jaggery, because it wasn’t a plain jaggery, but the one which is made using other dry fruits. It tasted just yumm and I am placing my order for it right away.
The hamper also came with a handwritten note from the team and it makes it even more special for me to always remember Grocerybag whenever I order my groceries next.

I highly recommend using Grocerybag for ordering not just your favourite dry fruits and savouries but all the goodies and products that they have available on their online portal. They have almost everything that our kitchen needs, from pulses to spices, to oils and ghee, condiments, pickles & murrabas and lot more. They also offer free delivery across Delhi and NCR and makes it very convenient to now get best of products at the ease of simple click. So don’t think much just log on to http://www.grocerybag.in and you are sorted.

Back to School@ Odeon Social- Restaurant Preview

After the highly successful Hauz Khas Social and Defence Colony Social, this Social Circuit, is ready to open its doors at CP, right above Odeon Cinema, and is called the Odeon Social. The place is done up to give a school like feel, with all prominent things you see in school, bringing those memories back, the only difference being, this school has a lot of cool quotient, as here you are allowed to drink, dance and enjoy a wide variety of food. Sounds like a dream school, isn’t it, and trust it me, it truly is.
I felt privileged that I got a chance to attend a preview session of this place and I am already looking forward to going there again, as they open their doors this 15th onwards.

The concept of Back to School, is reflected in each and every element of the restaurant. Some parts give you the feel of that teacher’s staff room that we saw in our school times, complete with those big tables, old style phone and even a typewriter. There is a huge show window with trophies and books, a wall that adorns shields, a blackboard to write those interesting ‘thoughts of the day’, a principal’s room, which makes up their storage, because a principal’s room is always a restricted area, there is a home science department, which makes up for their kitchen, and a skeletal in showcase welcomes you right in front of this department.

There are those long benches, where you can co-work, or just enjoy food and drinks alone or with bunch of your friends. They have a long running bar which allows multiple people to sit across unlike that small canteen window, where we pushed around our friends to get food and drinks.
 The huge balcony which overlooks the road, also has some seating and a couple of swings to remind you of your school ground, and makes an ideal place for warm winter afternoons and pleasant summer evenings.A lot of boards with names and marks of students adds more value to the ambient feeling of school.

They even have a huge school bell, to tell you, when its really the time to go back to home ;). But the best thing is that the theme is not just restricted to decor, but it truly reflects its essence in the menu, the food presentation and taste of the food.
They have introduced about 15 exclusive items in the menu which compliment the theme, apart from the regular menu. Vada Pao, Samosas, Bread Pakoras, sound like familiar canteen dishes, isn’t it, and they are all part of the menu, but prepared in a much more interesting way, with some twists of tastes.
The plates and glasses that they serve in take you back to school in an instant, and they way certain items of the food are presented is so so interesting to look at. So be prepared to get your lunch served in tiffin boxes and enjoy a walk down the memory lane.

Even the drinks are served in a very innovative way, with the mocktails served in jars and cocktails served in very tall glasses that remind of test tubes.To start with, we were served with Masala Guava and Pink Cream cocktails, and both of them were excellent, especially the Masala Guava. Unlike the usual guava drinks that are made from the pink guavas and are sweet in taste, this one was from the ‘Kachha Green Amrud’ that we normally enjoy with some chaat masala, it tasted exactly like that and was yum.

For starters, we got to taste their Chilly Chicken and the vegetarian version with Chilly Paneer. The chilly chicken was awesome and done to perfection, the chilly paneer was somewhat more spicy than the chicken, and hence a little too hot to handle.

The next was the Vada Pao and I have to say that after Mumbai, it was the best Vada Poa ever. Its very hard to get such an authentic taste in Delhi, but this one truly had that local essence, though the pao that they used was not a typical bun, but a very soft and delicious pita bread, which did complete justice to the softness, the texture and taste of the bread. The most putting off are the pao that we get in Delhi otherwise, but this made an exception. 
We were also served a non veg version of Vada Pao, which was a chicken pal, and it was also the best ever I had. The chicken was very juicy and tender, and had a very mild yet a very great taste.
The dips and accompaniments were great too, especially those fryums that were long forgotten.

The next set of drinks included a Social Shake, which is our very own cold coffee, for me, I found it little bitter, and I am sure it can be looked into, but the Ferrero Social Shake was an ultimate, it was a sure shot hit. Perfect sweetness, perfect thickness, perfect balance of whipped cream and milk and a ferrero rocher on top. These shakes come along with two yummy wafers to munch along.

But the show stopper was the 3 layered dessert. It had layer of soft chocolate cake, topped with vanilla ice cream and a the third layer of chocolate ice cream, a very hot chocolate sauce is then poured on top of it, creating a melting well of ice cream, which is very very tempting to look at and equally awesome to taste.

I am so very looking forward to the official launch of the place and explore other items on the menu and get my taste buds lingering.  I highly recommend all grown ups to pack your bags and Go Back to School @Odeon Social

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Amazing Concept, Awesome Food- Restaurant Review- I Do Barbeque, Jaypee Siddharth

I have visited a lot many restaurants and amazing food joints, but this one is a class apart. From ambience, to the food and most importantly the novel concept, this place entices you through and through.
Let me introduce you to ‘I Do Barbecue at Metro Grill by Jaypee Siddharth’. Metro Grill at Jaypee has introduced this very innovative concept ‘ I Do Barbecue’ which is synonym to DIY (Do it Yourself) and winters in Delhi has been the perfect time to launch this concept.
The ambience is just beautiful and apt to spend a winter evening enjoying with your family and friends, its one of those places, where the more people you visit with the more you will enjoy.

Now the idea is, that they have these shops, from where you buy your selection of meats or veggies, then select your marinates or rubs, and then they set up a barbecue grill for you, which comes with all the necessary equipments and spices, oil, utensils etc.
The meats start for as low as 90/-Rs for 100 gms and veggies for Rs. 65/- onwards per 100 gms which makes it very reasonable and affordable as against normal 5 star rates.One can choose the accompaniments and dips as per liking from a variety of offerings.
You are also given a chef’s apron and all necessary assistance you could need to become a chef and barbecue for yourself. The staff is extremely friendly, takes care of minutest details and makes you feel very very comfortable. BTW, they also have few leisure games to take care of those long interesting hours that you sit and enjoy while barbequing the food.

Well, in my case I left the decision of choosing meats and marinates in the hands of extremely talented and friendly chef, chef Ashish Joshi, who is the executive chef for Jaypee Siddharth. To start with chef brought us Five Spiced Chicken Picatta, Cajun Chicken Breasts & Tandoori Marinated Cottage Cheese Steak.

The chicken breasts were very tender and very very yummy and so was the chicken picatta. I was surprised to see that the cottage cheese was very well coated with the spices and retained the complete flavour, because normally the paneer tikkas that we get at restaurants end up tasting bland with a very thin coating of the marinate, but this cottage cheese tasted amazing, were grilled to perfection.

The fun of doing it one self, makes the barbeque experience indeed a unique one and most enjoyable. The next set included some Curried Spice Fish Fillet and Indian Spiced Pineapple and both the preparations were impeccable. The fish was succulent and pineapple very very juicy and both the marinades had a very distinct flavour complimenting the dishes respectively.

The place in itself fills with so much excitement, that one starts looking forward to going there again even before the first visit comes to an end. My son accompanied me on the visit, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, because its not just eating, but the entire process of choosing things, wearing the chef’s aprons, chilling and relaxing, sipping a mocktail,/cocktail while you see the food getting grilled, and giving them twists and turns in between.We tried the Fruit Punch and Mixed Berries Mocktail and both were amazing

The next we tried some Garlic Peppered Marinated Chicken Sausages and Orange Citrus Glazed Chicken with Skin. I am personally not very fond of Sausages, but all I can say is they tasted quite nice, but this zesty chicken was something I cannot forget, it just tasted amazing. It had a perfect zing because of the orange flavour and the spices balanced it nicely, so as to not overpower the citrusy taste.

Last on the barbeque were some Chicken Thighs with Balsamic Reduction Marination and Garlic Peppered Chicken Breasts. And once again they tasted awesome, though we ended up tasting quite a variety of marinades and rubs, but I must say that each one had its own distinct flavour and cannot be compared. One must definitely try all of them and pick your own favourites.

Well they also offer a Lazy Menu, for those who do not want to indulge in this process of Barbequing, though I highly recommend giving it a try, its so much fun. The lazy menu includes some pre decided food combinations and have quite a few options to choose from, not only in Indian, but Continental, Italian and other Cuisines as well.
In spite of feeling too full with the over load of Barbeque menu, we ordered Dal Makhani and Butter Naan. Somehow without a Roti, Indian meal seems incomplete and hence the choice. I suggested the chef to keep some Roomali Rotis as accompanimants with the Barbeque Menu, so that it becomes a complete meal in itself, and I hope they would try and accommodate the same in near future.
The Dal was simply top class and proves the quality of overall preparations of the restaurant.

I really cannot put in words how much I enjoyed being at this place, and I extend my wishes and thanks to Chef Ashish Joshi, F&B Managers Prashant and Ravish for their hospitality and excellent fooding experience.

This place is highly recommended if you are fond of Barbeque Items and want to spend a great time in the company of your family and friends trying your hands at doing the Barbeque on your own without worrying about getting and collecting the ingredients and cleaning the mess next day. I give it a very deserving 4.5 star rating out of 5.

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Restaurant Review- Filmy Cafe and Bar

Weekend in other words means exploring new places to eat and spend fun time with family and friends. This weekend was no different, and I got a chance to visit this newly opened cafe and bar called the “Filmy Cafe & Bar by Deez”.
Deez Biryani has been a synonym for best biryani for almost all Delhi Walas and I am no exception, so when I came to know about this new venture of theirs I got all excited.
Filmy cafe & bar is a cosy place tucked away in one of the most prime locations in Delhi, i.e. Connaught Place and further more, it is very prominently located in the PVR plaza building and makes it an ideal place to indulge in food after a movie at PVR. Anyway, movie, or no movie, it surely calls for a visit if you are a film buff. The entire place has a very thematic ambience with posters and dialogues of famous films adorning the walls. The seating is very comfortable and we see filmy cushions thrown away on couches adding more to the theme.
The music at the place, is a great mix of bollywood and hollywood numbers and keeps you in an upbeat mood.

Now coming to food, they have an elaborate menu to choose from, and very cleverly, the menu is also divided into bollywood and hollywood flavours, where in bollywood represents our very own Indian food, and hollywood serves  a mix of International cuisines from American, to Italian, Continental and Chinese.

They have a great bar menu as well and a wide range of cocktails and mocktails to choose from.

As per their manager, Mr. Subhash’s recommendation, we ordered Chilly Chicken Dry and Bhatti Ka Murg Tikka for starters, along with Cosmopolitan( A vodka based cocktail) & Safe Sex on the Beach.
The drinks were fabulous and so were the starters. The chilly chicken was spicy, just the way it should be, and the bhatti ka murg was a sure shot hit and highly recommended.

For the mains, we settled for the bollywood menu, aka our Indian cuisine, because of the big bollywood keeda that I have in me 🙂
We ordered, Dal Makhani, Peshawari Korma Gosht, and Murg Handi Biryani(how can one not try the biryani that the Deez group has been known for all the time).
Dal was rich in its texture and had a perfect taste, the mug biryani was great as expected from Deez, but the only surprise part was, that it had pieces of chicken tikka rather than the usual road chicken pieces. It did take away the authentic biryani taste somewhat, nevertheless the biryani in itself was good. The clear winner was the peshawari gosht, the gravy was very rich in texture and tasted just awesome. The mutton was tender and makes for a perfect meal with hot tandoori rotis. Trust me, you don’t need anything else, if you are a mutton lover.

I was almost full, but was tempted to try the desserts, because of the filmy names that they were given and got most interested in “Chakki Peesing Peesing” and ordered the same, and also on staff’s recommendation ordered “Fried Chocolate Bars”.
Chakki Peesing Peesing was a twisted version of Kesar Kulfi on a bed of strawberry crush, topped with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. It made for a rare combination and definitely a must try.
The fried chocolate bars, were also good to taste, but the only disappointing thing was, that barring one main flavour, which is the chocolate bar, and the kulfi, there was no differentiator in the desserts. The chocolate bars were also served with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce and had the strawberry crush on the base. As a good gesture of Mr. Subhash, we also got a complimentary Paan Bahar to taste, but again the same thing, only the pan kulfi as a central flavour was different, rest all same. After the initial bites, once your dessert starts melting somewhat, all the desserts start tasting same. This is something I am sure they need to work upon.

All in all, it surely is a highly recommended place, and food and film lovers must give it a try. It has a great ambience, great music, and great food and you would not mind splurging your money on this one.

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Crispy Chilly Corn with Mushrooms

If I have to describe this recipe in two words- Simple and Amazing. And yes these two words perfectly describe this recipe, because its really simple to make and amazing to taste.
So lets get started..

1 packet corn kernnels( 200gms approx)
2-3 table spoons corn flour
Oil for frying
1 table spoon oil
1 capsicum sliced
3-4 button mushrooms sliced
1/2 carrot, chopped
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 spring onion along with its greens
1 table spoon soy sauce
1 table spoon vinegar
1 table spoon chilly garlic sauce
Salt to taste
1/2 tea spoon ajino moto.
Take out the corn from the packet, and pat dry in a tissue.
Add cornflour to the corn and let it rest for about 30 minutes.
Heat oil in a wok and fry the corns till golden brown in colour, just be careful, at times the corns tend to splutter. To avoid them spluttering over your hands or face, just half cover the wok with a lid.
Remove them on a tissue paper once golden brown in colour and drain out any excess oil.
In another pan, heat oil, add garlic and brown it.  Add onions without the greens and sauté will light golden brown. Now add mushrooms and sauté for a couple of minutes. Add the capsicum, carrot and onion greens, now add the sauces one by one and stir it for another minute or so. Add salt, and ajino moto and another gentle stir and your crispy chilly corn is ready.
A perfect snack for winter evenings. Enjoy…!!

Restaurant Review: Guppy by ai

How do you feel, when you visit an unknown place, for a cuisine you haven’t tasted before, and you are completely unaware of whats in store..?? You either come home disappointed or you come home pleasantly surprised.

This Sunday, went by for me in a similar manner. We went for Guppy by ai, and I have to admit that I was completely unprepared in terms of what was I expecting. I had just no expectations, I had never tasted Japanese Cuisine before and didn’t know what it would be really like, would be spicy, would it be mild, what kind of appetisers, what soups, what main course.. I just had no idea.

But yes, I was very pleasantly surprised indeed. The moment I stepped in, I was in awe of the place, the ambience itself is so overpowering, that one automatically starts to get curious on how the food would be.

Guppy has introduced this special Sunday Brunch Menu, so you don’t have to toggle your head on what to order, you just sit back, relax and let the surprises come in. I didn’t even bother to look at the menu, and surrendered myself completely and waited patiently for the course of meal to start.
My mother accompanied me for this surprise brunch, and unlike me, she did have a pre conceived notion, and wasn’t really happy at my choice of coming for a Japanese Food Brunch.

As we sat down, the first thing that we were served was a variety of two soups, MISO SOUP and MUSHROOM SOUP, and it was a great start indeed. The soups tasted very different from the regular soups, but they tasted awesome. My mother too had her inhibitions dropping down and seemed pretty glad now.

The next in line was a set of cold appetisers, which included TENDERLOIN TATAKI, SALMON TATAKI, TOFU SASHIMI, POTATO SALADA, TAMAGO YAKI and SPINACH GOMA, barring the SALMOM TATAKI, which was a raw salmon, I tried everything and liked them all. TOFU SASHIMI was the best out of the lot, and its sauce was simply amazing.

Next was CHICKEN SHUMAI STEAMED BUN, and this cute little thing, tasted as good as it looked. They had options in PORK and MUSHROOM fillings as well in the steam bun, but I was content with my chicken bun and also by the time I finished it, I had already started to feel full.

And now it was SUSHI time, and to be honest, this word doesn’t excite me enough as raw fish is something I am allergic too, but after a lot of convincing from the staff, I settled for a VEGETARIAN SUSHI and I have to admit, it was a delight. I did tempt me to try the non- vegetarian versions, but I somehow refrained.

But I can surely say, for those who like SUSHI, this is the place. As and how I was tasting these dishes, my curiosity for what next was increasing. The next thing to be served was the TEMPURA FISH, a perfectly golden fried fish, very mild in taste, but fried to perfection. The spicy mayo that accompanied it, made up for the mildness of the fish. I also tried the TEMPURA ROCK CORN, which was basically baby corns fried in the same way as fish and they were delicious too.

My tummy was really full by now, but the curiosity was in tact and I eagerly waited for the next surprise. The next section was for the grilled menu, and it included MUSHROOMS, SWEET POTATO, TOFU, CHICKEN and FISH. I settled for CHICKEN AND FISH, I did try the SWEET POTATO too, but it was way too sweet for my liking, as it wasn’t dessert time yet. The grilled fish was just about ok, but the grilled chicken was definitely a hit. It was so tempting to even look at, that it made my son, who till now was only patiently watching me and my mom stuffing ourselves, get up and take a look at the chicken and expressed his will to now try it out.( He isn’t much fond of international cuisines and hence was just toying with a coke in his hand watching me and my mom eat). He liked it instantly and asked for more and this kind of gave him some confidence in the overall cuisine and now he went on to try other things as well, and enjoyed two steamed buns after this.
The next was JAPANESE PIZZA PANCAKE CHICKEN, and it was simply awesome to taste, tender chicken on bed of fried potato, made it a unique combo but amazing to savour.
Now was the time for main course, I didn’t have much space left to accommodate it, but I surely wanted to give it a try and hence asked for very small portions of the same.
The main course included CHICKEN CASSEROLE, NOODLES and GARLIC RICE, and all three of them were great to taste. Even my son liked them and by now was pretty excited with the JAPANESE CUISINE.

I was so delighted with the entire course of food, that I now desperately waited for the dessert. Desserts are the last part of any cuisine and it feels so great, when they end up being the best. The dessert platter was just amazing and each and everything was simply delicious. It included VANILLA ICE CREAM, CHOCOLATE CAKE, CHOCOLATE FONDANT and FRUITS. The ice-cream was surely not the regular vanilla ice cream that we eat, it had a very distinct taste, the texture and creaminess was just perfect. The cake was a mouth melting experience and chocolate lovers would surely fall for it. The fruits were OK, but the clear winner was the Chocolate fondant, I can’t really explain, what it was, but it was amazing to taste.

This brought us to the end of this HAPPY SUNDAY BRUNCH and I am so glad that I went for it, and even more glad that I didn’t set any expectations.
I have a special mention for the staff of Guppy’s, they were more than friendly and accommodating. The service was great too.
On the beverages front, tried VIRGIN MOITO, VIRGIN MARY and JUST LIKE THAT( a guava drink), all of them were upto the mark and perfectly blended.
Overall I had a great fooding experience and I am definitely going there again.

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Restaurant Review- Cress Bistro

At the on set, I have to mention that this place is for those, who crave difference. If you want to experiment with your taste buds, don’t think twice, straight away head to Cress Bistro.

Its a cosy place tucked away in the DDA market of Masjid Moth, GK3. The ambience is simply amazing and ideal to spend pleasant evenings as most of the seating is outdoors, though they do have some space available indoors just in case, you can’t handle the cold, especially in the coming few days 🙂

Now coming to food, for the starters, we ordered, Chipotle Chicken Tikka, Chiang Chui Chilly Chicken and the Burmese Samosa. All these things were directly on chef’s recommendation and must say that he is well aware of his best offerings.
The chipotle chicken tikka, was the best out of the lot, it was a true mouth melting experience. The tender chicken pieces marinated with chipotle spices made it a perfect tikka experience, but far different from the regular tikkas. Same goes for the Chiang Chui Chilly Chicken, it wasn’t the regular dry chilly chicken that we Indians are used to eating. It had a very distinct flavour, but it was great too. The Burmese Samosa was something I had never eaten earlier, and hence a complete surprise. These were chicken dumplings served on a Burmese gravy, and I am sure this is one thing you will get to try at this place only and no where else. It was good, but personally speaking , this kind of a taste needs to be developed, I can’t judge it by eating one time, so this is for sure one thing that will take me back to Cress.
For the main course again, I left the recommendations to the chef and opted for Peanut Butter Chicken over the regular one, Dal Makhani and Meat Beliram and I really have to mention that all three of them were pure delights.
The Peanut Butter Chicken was very very different from the regular one, and the flavour of peanut was very evident, though not over powering. Dal Makhani was at its makhani best and the best from this lot was the Meat Beliram. I have to confess that I haven’t eaten a better mutton dish than this one and neither have I experienced such tender pieces of meat whenever I have eaten out.
The dessert was the Hero of the entire menu, The Chocolate Decadence. I am a baker myself and it takes a lot to appreciate what other bakes 😉, but I was totally awestruck with this one. It was a chocolate lovers delight and a must for all chocolate lovers.
Overall, a great food experience and a must visit for those who want to try different things.

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Masala Egg Muffins

A very very simple and interesting way to satiate your mid time hunger cravings…

Ingredients( yields 6 muffins)

1 medium onion chopped
1 small capsicum chopped
1 small tomato chopped
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup oil
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon chaat masala powder
2 cubes grated cheese


Grease your muffin tray using some oil and keep it aside. Pre- heat you oven to 180 degrees C.
In a bowl, mix all the chopped vegetables together.
In another bowl, beat the eggs, add milk, oil and baking powder and beat them a little more. Now season it with black pepper, chaat masala, and salt( be careful of not using too much salt, as chaat masala also has salt in it). Beat it till light and fluffy.
Now take the muffin tray and fill each cavity about half with the vegetables. Sprinkle grated cheese over it generously. Now fill the cavity with beaten egg mixture, just leaving about quarter of an inch of space.
Bake this at 180 degrees C for 20-25 minutes and you have a lovely egg muffin ready. Accompany it with a mug of hot soup of your choice and it will serve as a perfect evening snack for the coming winters.

Chilly Chicken Dry

This one is a sure shot hit at my place, Its my son’s favourite and almost an every weekend affair.

250gm boneless chicken shredded into thin strips
1 table spoon ginger garlic paste
2 cloves garlics chopped
1 table spoon chilly garlic sauce
1 table spoon soya sauce
1 table spoon vinegar
1 teaspoon honey
½ teaspoon brown sugar
1 onion cut into rings
1/2 capsicum shredded into strips
1/2 teaspoon ajino moto
2 table spoon refined oil
salt to taste

For frying the chicken:
2-3 table spoons all purpose flour
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
a pinch of ajino moto
water for mixing
Oil for frying

Take the all purpose flour in a bowl, and add rest of the ingredients, adding water, make a mixture of coating consistency. Dip chicken strips in this batter, and deep fry until golden brown in colour. Keep them aside.

Now in a separate wok, take oil, and add chopped garlic, saute it for sometime, then add ginger garlic paste, saute it a little more. Then add the onion rings and honey, and sauté till onions turn little brownish in colour. Now add the brown sugar and let the onions caramelize a bit more.
Now add the red chilly sauce, soya sauce and vinegar to the onions and garlic and sauté it for a couple of minutes on high flame. Add the fried chicken, and capsicum, stirring continuously, sauté it on medium flame for another two minutes. Now season it with ajino moto and salt and let it simmer for a couple of more minutes.
A very very yummy easy chilly chicken dry is ready to be served.

Riot of Flavors

This cake is a true delight for the ones who want not just one but three flavours in a single cake..simply delightful…

Ingredients for the cake:

10 heaped spoons flour
1/2 cup oil
1 cup castor sugar
3 eggs
1 spoon baking powder
A pinch of baking soda
3 spoons curd
1 spoon vanilla essence
Food colouring- red, green and orange

Sieve together the flour, baking powder and baking soda. In another bowl, add sugar and eggs and beat them lightly. Add oil to this mixture. Now add the dry ingredients to this wet mixture, put curd and vanilla essence, mix nicely.  Divide this mixture in 3 parts and add the colours red, green and orange and mix gently. Grease the cake tin and pour the mixture into it line wise, one colour at a time, to make three different lines of the colours. Bake for 30-35 minutes at 170 degrees C or till the toothpick inserted comes out clean.
After the cake is done, let it cool for sometime, then remove and let it completely cool on a wire rack.
Ingredients for the Icing:
1 1/2 cup whipped cream
3 table spoons strawberry crush
3 table spoons kiwi crush
3 table spoons orange crush

In a large bowl, whip the cream until stiff peaks are formed. 

Transfer the cooled cake to a turn table, cut it in half from the centre. Moist the cake by sprinkling some water on it. Gently spread the whipping cream over it and cover the cake with top piece. Spread the remaining cream on the top of the cake and fully cover it. Add some cream to a piping bag and decorate your cake as desired preferably giving three equal spaces by creating boundaries. Now fill up each space with the crush of your choice, you don’t have to necessarily line the top colours with the base colours of your cake, this way however you cut, you will get a contrasting colourful cake, with a different colour on the top and a different colour of the base, though its purely your choice, I like it this way. A hint of surprise is always good. And there you have a colourful looking and amazingly tasty cake , you get 3 flavours to experience in one cake…

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