It’s Your Health, Take Care Of It

Your health is one of the most important things you own, and it’s essential that you take care of it. By taking steps to improve your lifestyle, your diet, and fitness, you can look forward to a healthier present and future.

Start by making small changes that will help you improve your health step by step. Here are some suggestions for things you can do to help you take better care of your health.

Image Credit: Unsplashunder Creative Commons

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is importantfor many reasons, helping you to get the energy you need to make it through the day, as well as ensuring your body and mind stay fit and focused. You should aim to get around 8 hours of sleep a night. If you’re struggling to get enough rest, then try to work out what’s causing the issue and remedy it. You might need to rethink your bedtime routine to help you sleep better at night.

Reduce your stress levels

We all deal with stress from time to time, but it’s essential that you learn to manage it to stop it from progressing into something worse. Taking a step back, meditating, doing yoga, etc. can all be forms of dealing with stress. If stress starts becoming a serious problem, consider a visit to your doctor to get some help.

Maintain a healthy weight

A healthy weight can make sure you protect yourself from various conditions that can arise from being overweight. A combination of a balanced diet and exercise will help you to stay fit and can also ensure that you have higher energy levels – essential for anything that life throws at you! Many people believe that they don’t have the time for exercise, but there are a lot of ways you can fit in 10 minutes of exercise  here and there to help you stay fit. Walking is one of the easiest exercises you can do, so try to put in those steps every day.

Don’t ignore unusual signs and symptoms

It’s easy to ignore worrying signs and symptoms, especially as you get older. However, those symptoms could be the sign of something serious that needs addressing. Make yourself aware of the signs of breast cancer, diabetes, ovarian cancer symptoms, and other conditions to help you become more familiar and know what to look out for. A check-up with the doctor will usually result in nothing to worry about, but it’s better than losing sleep over not knowing.

Taking better care of your health involves giving up bad habitsand focus on making those positive lifestyle changes. From paying closer attention to what you eat to moving more and sleeping better, those simple lifestyle changes are achievable if you’re serious about your health. Could you do more to be healthier? Start by making one change today to help you get on the right track and give you the motivation to make other changes. You only get one life, so make sure you live it as healthy as possible.

Millet-Chocolate Pancake Recipe

Millets or Ragi is a great option when considering healthy food because it is packed with nutrients and is gluten-free. Pancakes are my favourite form of breakfast and I simply love gorging on them, but when choosing healthy options, we often feel that we will have to give up on such indulgences. But not anymore, all you need to do is experiment a little and tada, you can have your pleasures without feeling sinful about it.

Although I have tried making pancakes using just the organic ragi flour, and then experimented by adding some cocoa powder to it, to give it the chocolaty flavor, then I found a perfect product to meet both my needs. The Slurrp Farm Millet-Chocolate Pancake Mix is an ideal choice for a person like me who wants to keep it healthy and chocolaty 🙂


  • 1/2 cup millet flour
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp sugar free
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • A pinch of salt
  • Butter for cooking


  • Add the dry ingredients – millet flour, salt, cinnamon powder and sugar-free – to a bowl
  • Mix well until combined
  • Now add the milk and eggs to this
  • Mix gently until combined
  • Heat a pan and spread some butter
  • Pour about 1/4 cup and let the batter spread to form a thick circle
  • Cook on both sides until golden brown
  • Add more butter as needed
  • Best served warm but keeps well for about 2 hours
  • To make it like a proper breakfast, I serve it with a few slices of banana and berries and add some honey on the top.

Hope you enjoy the recipe, do let me know in comments how did it turn out for you

Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are a great option for breakfast or those in-between hunger pangs. They are healthy and super delicious too. I like to keep experimenting with my smoothie recipes and you can never have enough of them.

The mixed berry smoothie recipe is one of my favorites. It’s very refreshing and I simply enjoy the taste. Takes just about 5 minutes to make and all thanks to the Greek Yogurt, its both filling and packed with proteins.

To share an interesting tip, in place of sweetness, try and use apple juice or any other fruit juice, it adds to the flavor and also balances the tanginess of berries. In case if you still feel like using a sweetener, go for either honey or jaggery instead of sugar. Using juice also helps in balancing the consistency of the smoothie, if using other sweeteners, add a bit of almond milk, toned milk, or coconut milk.

Now coming to the recipe


  • One and a half cup of apple juice/any milk
  • One banana sliced
  • One and a half cup frozen mixed berries
  • 3/4th cup vanilla Greek yogurt
  • One tablespoon honey (optional)
  • Some berries and mint leaves for garnishing (optional)


  • Place the apple juice, banana, berries and, yogurt in a blender; blend until smooth. If the smoothie seems too thick, add a little more liquid (1/4 cup). 
  • Taste and add honey if desired. Pour into two glasses and garnish with fresh berries and mint sprigs if desired.


Calories: 221kcal | Carbohydrates: 52g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 2mg | Sodium: 60mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 41g

Hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I do.

‘Souza In The 40’s​’, An Art Extravaganza At Sunapranta, Goa

Art in its any form, literally draws me and pulls me to it. Creativity is something that I imbibe in myself and have a great appreciation for. Be it performing arts or static, I have huge respect for artists who vent out their innermost emotions through their art. I sometimes try to do that myself through my writing or my paintings and even through my cooking.

Although I don’t follow too many artists in particular when it comes to paintings, what I do like is doing researches on various categories like portraits, object paintings, nature, modern art, nudes etc. and then try and study nuances of each artist. Francis Newton Souza has been one artist whose work caught my attention on various occasions. Especially when I started living in Goa, I learned more about him and his work, since he was a Goan too. The way he depicted local Goan life through his art was really commendable. His bold use of colors like dark pink and orange in many of his paintings is something I greatly admire.

To see more of his work and learn more about his journey, right when he started, I visited the Sunapranta, Goa Centre For Arts, which has an on-going exhibition named “Souza In The ’40s”. The exhibition showcases not just the noteworthy artworks by Souza but also unveils his rawness by displaying his early sketches and drawings.

Souza’s Art

The subjects covered in the paintings of Francis Newton Souza comprise of still life, landscapes, nudes, icons of Christianity, local Goan life etc. One of his most recurring and celebrated themes was that of the conflicts in a man-woman relationship. The women who ascended his canvases were often bold and challenged the thought process of their observers. The figures that gave life to his paintings were deliberately distorted and revealed an uninhibited, realistic style.

Attitude and Early Life

Souza was a rebel and non-conformist, and his views reflected the style of his painting. Through his paintings, he often condemned and criticized the hypocrisy of the Church, the atrocities of the rich and the repression of sexuality in a country like India, which otherwise boasted of Khajuraho. At the same time, there was a visible influence of the folk art of Goa, the Renaissance paintings, landscapes of the 18th and 19th century Europe, etc.

His rebellious attitude had its seeds right from his school days. He was enrolled at St. Xavier’s High School in Bombay, and he was expelled for depicting nude images on the walls of boy’s restroom. Though he claimed that he was only correcting the already drawn images, he was expelled on the grounds of drawing pornographic images. He then attended the famous Sir J.J. School of Art in Bombay, and yet again expelled for taking part in the Quit India Movement.

Notable Work

Souza was not able to sell most of his work in India until after his death. In 1957, his painting ‘Man and Woman Laughing’ sold for a record price of Rs.16.84 crore at the Saffron art auction, held in New Delhi. At a Christie’s auction in 2008, his painting ‘Birth’ created a record for being the most expensive Indian art ever sold in an auction till date. The painting was sold for a whopping 2.5 million USD. When the same painting was resold at Christie’s in 2015, it fetched over 4 million USD.

About Sunapranta

Sunaparanta-Goa Centre for the Arts is a non-profit education based arts initiative of Dattaraj V. Salgaocar. The Centre is located in the beautiful Altinho hills of Panjim and offers spaces for exhibition galleries, workshop spaces, an open-air amphitheater and also a pretty and quaint little cafe called Al Fresco

The center takes lots of initiatives to promote and help emerging artists and also hold workshops for other enthusiasts to learn many different types of creative skills.

I had a great time witnessing artworks by such a renowned artist and thoroughly enjoyed the calm vibes of Sunapranta. Do keep a watch on all the events that the center holds and make the most of it.

Sunapranta Goa

Goa Centre For The Arts
63/C-8, Near Army House
Altinho, Panaji – 403 001.

Tel   :  +91 832 2421311


Dr. Ali’s Time Reversal Treatments at Ishavilas, Goa

In today’s time, I hardly come across a person, who isn’t suffering from some or the other ailment. Especially with the kind of lifestyle and working hours and stresses our generation has, backaches, stiff necks, joint pains etc. have become a common scenario. I have been myself suffering from Sciatica for about 10 years now and without much help from medicines. Medicines do help temporarily relieve of the pain sometimes, but the core ailment remains.

When I heard about Dr. Ali’s Time Reversal Centre in Goa, I just had to visit and understand more about these ancient methods and treatments. I was lucky enough to attend a session by Dr. Ali on the launch day itself and also got a hands-on experience with a little demonstration. But first, let us understand a bit more about the Time Reversal Method.

Time Reversal

Time Reversal is the comprehensive name for Kaya Kalpa, an ancient Indian system of Rejuvenation and Spiritual Growth.

While Ayurveda was disease-oriented and meant for the masses, Kaya Kalpa was the ultimate wellbeing and anti-ageing programme used only by the nobles or elites of the society. Today Kaya Kalpa is almost extinct in India. 

Dr Ali with the help of his late Master of 42 years, revived that Art of Wellbeing with meticulous research and deep understanding of the inner healing power. As a pioneer of Integrated Healthcare in the world, he  considers this Programme  to be the last word in natural healing and time reversal. 

It’s based on seven secrets with its own unique techniques and products.

Treatments Available

Dr Ali’s Signature Marma Therapy

Neck Connection Massage

Headache Therapy

Backache Therapy

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Stress Management

Time Reversal Body Treatment

Time Reversal Facial Treatment

Scalp Therapy

Time Reversal Weight Loss Management

Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation

So broadly segmenting into Time Reversal Therapies, Aches & Pains and Weight Loss Management, the expert team gives you an in detail consultation, assess your needs and suggests your treatments basis the same.

Dr. Ali’s Wellness Centre At Ishavilas offers all that you could think of for complete wellness and rejuvenating experience. The villas at Ishavilas are tastefully designed and are equipped with all that you could need for a comfortable stay. Treatments could last for up to 14 days depending on the severity of the issue or could be taken as stand-alone sessions based on the evaluation.


As I said, I have a severe sciatica issue which often results in terrible pain in my left leg, back and hip. I have been on medication for years, but medicines have only offered temporary relief and the ailment still exists. Dr. Ali called my name and by just feeling my pulse and checking my eyes and color of the tongue, he was able to assess my issue. At the time when he assessed my sciatica, I was having pain in left leg, Dr. Ali pressed a few points on my back, I felt exuberating pain for those few moments, but I felt instant relief from pain once he was done. This little demonstration did give me confidence that if I pursue the treatment, I am sure I can get rid of my ailment.

I definitely look forward to my further sessions with Dr. Ali at the Ishavilas Wellness Centre and I would urge my readers to at least give it shot. Get a consultation done and then see how you feel about the assessment and treatment suggested. I am sure you would greatly appreciate this unconventional method of treatment followed by Dr. Ali. I came out feeling all happy and rejuvenated already, the ambiance of the place, the demonstration, the healthy food, everything worked its magic just in a little while.

About Dr. Ali

He is a qualified medical doctor who has studied complementary and traditional medicine.
He has almost 30 years of clinical experience with over 15.000 patients all over the world.
He has developed special techniques for treatment of backache, digestive problems, headaches, etc.
His book The Neck Connection is based on a revolutionary discovery, a first in medical history.
The Ali Syndrome and The Ali Technique as mentioned in The Neck Connection are his unique concepts.
Dr. Ali has teaching experience.
His diagnosis is accurate and simple.
His books have been bestsellers.
Dr. Ali runs a charity clinic for the needy in the Indian Himalayas.
He uses simple language to explain complicated medical matters.
He has endorsements from famous people like HRH Prince of Wales, Morgan Freeman, Sylvester Stallone, Samuel L. Jackson, Andrew Llyod Webber, Kate Moss, Jonathan Newhouse (Condé Nast).
He has also treated Michael Douglas, Ernie Els, Colin Montgomery, Claudia Scheffer, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Michael Caine, Boris Becker and members of several Royal Families as well as Heads of States and leading business families of the world.
All these people have carried out their research on Dr. Ali’s experience and capabilities before seeking his advice.
Dr. Ali is a pioneer and has more experience than many other doctors practicing Integrated Medicine.
His clinic in London and India and the clinical spa in Tuscany and Cochin are very successful institutions.

I hope you are going to a pay Dr. Ali a visit at Ishavilas soon. Also, you can buy some organic products which are prepared by Dr. Ali’s team with the utmost care and are available at the centre.

For more details and to book yourself an appointment log on to

Scooters For Kids

Scooters are one of the most common toys amongst young boys and girls alike. They provide endless hours of fun and their popularity does not seem to be diminishing. This is a testament to the toy, as a lot of kids toys tend to be loved for a few years and then they go out of fashion. However, kids scooters seem to be going nowhere. 

Kids scooters provide a whole host of fun for children. They are one of those toys that can provide entertainment for months and months; children simply do not seem to grow bored of them. Again, this is not something that not many other toys can boast. 

However, being fun is not the only advantages that a scooter for kids possesses. In fact, scooters can bring with them a whole host of benefits and thus they are certainly a sound investment for any young one. This article will reveal exactly what those other benefits are.

The first benefit is that your children will be having active fun because playing on their scooter is obviously a form of exercise. This is important as obviously the need to be healthy is crucial. This is particularly great when you consider that most toys and games these days revolve around children sitting on the sofa all day staring at a TV screen. This makes it very hard for parents to inject a healthy mantra into their child’s life. However a toy such as a scooter does just that.

Another benefit of having a scooter is that it will increase your child’s confidence. As your child becomes more competent on the scooter they will feel more and more proud of themselves. Thus there self confidence will increase and they will feel confident and able to take on other tasks and challenges. Furthermore, playing with a scooter is sociable as other childrencan join in and therefore your child’s confidence regarding social interaction will also increase. Developing confidence at a young age is vital when it comes to facing the big bad world. 

Confidence and exercise are not the only advantages your child will benefit from by riding a scooter. Through practising to ride their balance and concentration skills will also improve. Your child will master the art of balancing in absolutely no time, and as far as concentration is concerned, they will learn to pay more attention because they will give 100% concentration to learning to ride their new favourite toy.

A final point worth considering is that your child will of course be happy because he or she will be having fun. This sounds obvious, but it is an important point, because at the end of the day everybody wants their kids to be happy.

All in all, a scooter is a great toy that will bring endless amounts of fun into your child’s life. Nevertheless, this is not the only benefits it will bring. As you can see from this article; a kids scooter has a lot to offer.

How to choose a scooter

Scooters have established a timeless quality to them whereby they are likely to always be popular amongst children. If you are looking for something to provide your child with unlimited outdoor fun, then you will find no better toy. 

When looking for scooters the first thing you should do in order to narrow down your search effectively is to set yourself a price range. After all, these scooters range in price from anything as small as £30 to anything as big as £200. Therefore, you can rest assured that there is a scooter to suit all budgets. You also need to be mindful that those companies which stock scooters may offer varying prices and thus you should search around a little bit before purchasing.

In addition to price, you also need to make sure you seek a scooter which is age appropriate for your child. After all, all scooters come with age ratings and these are there for a reason. If you do not abide by them then you are putting your child in unnecessary danger. For older children, there are also electric scooters, which are worth considering. They provide a whole host of fun and are largely well received by children. And, don’t worry; they don’t go too fast and thus aren’t dangerous. 

You will also need to concern yourself with the style of the scooter. This is something which is largely dependent on your child’s taste. Therefore, if they have a favourite colour for example, then this decision is made a lot easier. Nevertheless, Scooters in general tend to be very sleek and sporty in design. They have a sophisticated look and a modern edge. This is something which children love because it makes them feel a lot older and you find children all get to that age whereby they dismiss anything which is too ‘childish’.

And finally, you need to consider all the different features the scooter boasts. As mentioned earlier, there are electric scooters and thus this is something to think about. Nevertheless, there are lots of smaller features which are very important. For example, you need to look at the breaks and how they operate. You need to make sure that the footplate is non slippery. In fact, there are even scooters which come with a seat as well. There are the fun accessories which make scooters more enjoyable, such as bells. Therefore, these are all little things which are worth thinking about. 

If you consider all of the points mentioned in this article, then you should be able to narrow down your search and find the best scooter for your little boy or girl. 

Things That Will Help You Have an Effective Workout Session

Exercising is one of the best ways you can attain total body fitness. We all have different aims when we work out. Some people do it with the primary goal of shedding off those extra pounds. There are those who do it to increase muscle mass. All of these will help you stay healthy. You will get rid of fat and other toxic substances that can cause illnesses in your body.

There are times you may not achieve the desired results from your workouts, and this may be because of various factors. One thing you should understand is that our bodies are different. There are those that respond fast to exercise while others are a bit slow. The other issue may also have something to do with the kind of workouts in your program.

You may be doing the wrong workouts which could be the reason why you are not getting the desired results. Identify your goals so that you can pick the right exercises for your workout regime. You should also make use of steroids or supplements that will help you experience quality gains fast.

The ingredients found in them can trigger a swift increase in muscle mass and also speed up weight loss. They are cheap and available in selected shops and online stores. Visit 120kgs for some of the best legal steroids. How you get into your workouts or conduct yourself during the process plays a significant role in determining the final outcome. Here are some things that can help you have a productive workout session. 

Warming Up

You should warm up before starting a day’s exercise. Doing so will help your body get into the working out mood. There are times you may get to the gym feeling a little bit sluggish or lazy. Warm up activities will help lift your mood and get your body ready. You can do some push-ups or light jogging. Do not use up too much of your energy when warming up.

Strength Training

Having strength training exercises in your schedule can also help you achieve quality results. You should set aside one or two days for this type of workout. Some of the benefits you will get from strength training workouts include fast muscle build up, burning excess fat and better bone density.

Workout Playlist

Music can keep you going through your workouts. It will help grow the energy in you which is vital when carrying out different types of exercise. You should settle for a music genre that will keep you charged. Create a playlist that can run all through your session.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions may mean you don’t achieve the results you need from your workout program. You will find yourself putting more focus on them instead of what took you to the gym. Phones are one major cause of distraction. Keep it in silent mode or switch it off. You should also look for training partners who are focused.

5 Reasons Why Exploring Divar Islands With Blive E-Bikes Is A Great Idea

Divar Island had been standing long on my list considering the fact that I have been living in Goa now for over a year but due to some reason or the other it didn’t happen until today.. this came as one of its kind of blogging opportunity and I really didn’t know whether to say yes or no.. the issue was that this tour was supposedly a bike tour and since I didn’t know how to ride I felt I was gonna miss it yet again, but then with the kind gesture of B:Live I was made a part of the tour and very comfortably been ridden around an activa while others rode these e-bikes. My reason for choosing this tour was my belief in the concept, even if I don’t do something doesn’t mean I can’t enlighten my readers, so for all you guys who know how to ride a bike, here are top 5 reasons you must consider exploring Divar Islands and other parts of Goa with BLive E-Bikes


Bikes are always good for the environment, but when you get electronic bikes that give you the extra kick and yet aren’t harmful to the environment, it’s a win-win, isn’t it? These bikes come with the throttle and pedal assist modes for effortless riding. They also come with a battery life of up to 50 km which means you can keep riding without any worry and even if the battery is drained, you can pedal your way for the extended fun. You probably won’t have a chance to get lost as these bikes are GPS enabled too.


Since electronic bikes require less effort, they are perfectly suited for the terrains of Goa with its slopes and elevations. Also since exploring Goa could mean traveling through narrow roads, bikes definitely make for a better option. You don’t even need a license to ride an e-bike, just saying!

Curated Tours

B Live are the first in India to do curated e-bike tours and they have quite a few options keeping in mind different needs of both the travelers and also the local enthusiasts

Expert Guidance

Right from helping you to ride and operate the bike, the staff and captains at B Live ensure that you have the smoothest and most enjoyable ride ever. Not just operational help, but the captains are so well versed with the touring areas that their knowledge is commendable and some of the places that they take you to are like hidden gems and I bet you cannot explore them on a car or even otherwise without an expert guiding you through. I personally witnessed some of such places which one can’t even think of. Dirt roads leading to such beautiful places, but it’s only possible, one when you are riding a comfortable e-bike and second when you have an expert taking you there, so in short, it means you can only experience such things with B Live.


Last but not least, these tours are very economical and won’t pinch you on the pocket. Each penny that you spend on this tour will only be worthwhile. Rather the knowledge and the memories that you will bring back will only make you richer.

So simply log on to and book yourself an experience of a lifetime! Don’t forget to thank me later and also it would be great if you could mention to them that you came to know about them through my blog or social media posts. Your words can go a long way for both me and the brand. Special mention to Anuj, and Captains Deepak and Rajesh for their immense support all through the tour.

Keep watching this space for my next post, wherein I will talk more in detail about the places I saw and experienced at the Divar Island

Poker on the rise with yet another season of the grand DPT 2019 powered by Adda 52

India’s online poker giant is organizing country’s biggest live poker tournament series, Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) in Goa from 7thto 11thFebruary 2019. This 5-day mega tournament is an effort by, India’s largest poker site and Deltin Royale, the biggest floating casino in India to provide a platform for the best poker minds to participate and win from a prize pool of more than 1 Crore. Adda52 does not limit the players to have a poker experience online; in fact, it extends it to a live environment with tables, dealer, fellow players and the sheer environment.

The poker enthusiasts will get to sharpen their skills on the tables and put their best strategies to test against the best in the country. This edition of DPT features 5 popular categories of poker tournaments – 15K Deep Dive NLH, 3-Seat GTD Main Event Satty, Adda52 High Roller 65K, 35k Main event and 15K Bounty.  

During these enthralling 5 days, several popular poker pros including renowned Adda52 team pros Kunal Patni, Nikita Luther, Tarun Goyal, and Minissha Lamba are participating in some of the events. The event is expected to be a grand success building on from the success of the past editions of the DPT.  

During a press conference held today, 9th Feb, Nikita Luther, Kunal Patni, and Minissha Lamba shared their experiences of playing the game of poker as professionals and what it takes to be a poker player in our country.

The poker circuit in India has grown remarkably in the past couple of years for both online and live games, and tournament poker (live poker) seems to have taken the spotlight. Speaking about the growth of poker in India, Mohit Agarwal, Founder & CEO of said, “Live and online poker complement each other quite well. While live poker gives the old school charm of playing poker on the table, the constant accessibility of the platform and volume of players available at any point make online poker super attractive. Apart from the money on offer, the skills, knowledge and expertise that come while maneuvering one’s way in the game and competing with extremely talented poker Professionals (Pros) is something that every poker player aspires to and enjoys. Tournaments like these focus on the growth of live poker in India and raising the bar to international standards. It is overwhelming to see how the player base for poker is rapidly increasing every year.”

Mohit also shared in-depth knowledge of the legalities involved, the ecosystem of payments and companies profitabilities while also addressing the fact that the platform and poker gaming is still not native to our country and is still considered a very unconventional career choice, but it is definitely growing for the better.

Poker is generally surrounded by misconceptions around the nature of its game – amount of skill required, amount of money needed to play, impact on day to day life and so on. Speaking about poker myths, Roland Landers, CEO, All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) said, “By taking in to account the patience, perseverance, concentration, mathematics knowledge to calculate odds etc. a player needs to possess, Poker justifiably is a game of skill. With continuous practice, one can only improve in the game. There are a lot of people who play for leisure while there are some who have taken it up as a profession. Anybody and everybody can play this game. Money at stake is not the prime criterion as much as the intent is.” 

Talking about the legality of the game, it is quite safe and secure to play poker for real money in India. Legitimate poker websites like provide safe and secure platforms for an amazing poker experience online and extend the same experience to the live tournaments such as DPT. 

2019 will be an important year for the poker industry, in terms of both the online and live poker events. The country shall see the development of the game as a mainstream skill-based/mind game, played by almost all sections of the society from the youth to businessmen to women to celebrities. Throwing some light on the 2019 plans of Adda52, Mohit added, “The goal of our team is to develop the game as a skill-based game played by all, just like chess. Adda52 wants to create maximum opportunity for players to experience the game. Several live and online tournaments like the DPT Xpress, are in progress for an eventful year ahead for all the poker lovers.”

After the press conference, we headed to the Deltin Royale Cruise to witness the poker tournament live and also experienced an evening filled with some great entertainment at the sky bar.

About, owned by Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd., is one of the most popular skill-based games in the country today. Founded in 2011, focuses on providing seamless gaming experience to the poker lovers. Technology has been the backbone of this online gaming company. iTech, a world leading testing and certification laboratory for Online Gaming systems has certified the online game to be fair with a reliable and resilient system. is the only site to have received such certification for the system alone. The Random Number Generator (RNG) by Adda52 has also been evaluated by iTech Labs and has been certified to meet the relevant industry standards. Award-winning technology has been used to make the game accessible across platforms, be it website, app or mobile browsers. This makes it the most secure online poker game platform for the gamers and provides its users a safe environment to enjoy the game.

Invest In These Things Now, To Reap A Secured Future Later

We all know how predictable life is and although the future is always unknown, we can always work towards making it more secure towards any unseen misfortunes. Investing in your future in all major aspects of life is very important, it’s a sign of growth and progress and the more you invest, the better you reap. 

So, how can you invest in your future? Here are four ways:

Build your financial foundation

Personal finance is almost critical to your self-growth. Many people aren’t able to fulfill their dreams because of financial constraints; on the other hand, a secure financial future gives you the freedom to pursue your desires. To be financially secure, one can opt for many kinds of investments

Invest in a property

Buying a piece of land or a house is always a good option and if you already have a house, don’t forget to invest in quality products. Things that last longer and make your life hassle-free, because money saved is also money earned. For example, investing in and protecting your house water pipes against freezing in the US with heat line products help you protect your greatest investment. Such things always go a long way in giving you an overall secure future.

Invest in Gold and Silver

Investing in gold and silver bars could be another great option. Opt for a more secure future with Sprott.

Build your knowledge

To achieve newer heights in life and progress towards a secure future, you need to continuously work on yourself, upgrade yourself. And one of the best ways to upgrade yourself is to keep building your knowledge. Knowledge is power

Build your relationships

Investing in good relationships is what makes life worthwhile. Even if you achieve loads of success but have no one to share it with, it’s not that great a feeling. So build your relationship with your family and friends, make time for them and most importantly don’t let it become something you regret later.

Build healthy habits

As the famous saying goes, ‘health is wealth’ and hence investing in healthy habits would end of the day be only thing that would help you achieve your goals. If you aren’t fit, there is hardly anything you can do to make your future secure.

Build healthy habits in three areas: the way you eat, rest and exercise.

If you do these above mentioned things, you are investing in your future. You might not feel the benefits now, but you will later.

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